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Diane & Will: "Wasid is going to pull out, and Eli is going to dance a tarantella of rage. Which is not going to be fun, although it could be cool to watch. But she is right. We broke it, we bought it. Alicia, please get him out of all of these various crimes, okay?"
Alicia: "I'm on it!"

Wasid: "Hi, Eli. You are fired."
Eli: "Nope. Already cashed your check. You know us Jews!"
Wasid: "Stop making me look racist! Stop trying to dick me around!"
Eli: "To be honest, it's because you are hot when you're mad. And besides, you can't fire me. I already created a fantastic campaign for you and you are going to love it."
Wasid: "It will not be clear at the end of this episode, but it seems like we're done here."

Wasid: "Did you hear the one about the Arab and the Jew?"
Eli: "No! But I'm sure it's very funny."
Wasid: "An Arab and a Jew walk into a bar. And then they kill each other."

Not funny! Not funny, Wasid. Grim and scary and awful and sad! Why are the hot people on this show always the creepiest ones? I bet I can come up with something right now. An Arab and a Jew walk into a bar...

An Arab and a Jew walk into a bar owned by a racist white Republican. He pretends he doesn't hate them both equally; he keeps pouring them both free drinks until they barf. Everyone acts like assholes, and in the morning everybody is embarrassed, but the racist white Republican gets to keep all the money. And that, my friends, is fucking hilarious.


The tutor chows down on junk food and babbles about black-body radiation; Grace finds her terrifying and fascinating. A soccer team gets on at the next stop, and suddenly because of the color of their uniforms -- and maybe their skin -- the tutor is suddenly inspired to make a viral video and puts some booty-shaking music on the boom box she apparently brought with them.

The song goes, "I'm not a rocket scientist... Don't take no astrophysicist / To make your ass throw fits/ Now sisters, kick it / I keep it cool like Eskimo chicks on Discovery Channel..."

The weirdo tutor makes Grace videotape her doing a very aggressive dance. Grace makes that face she makes whenever she falls in love with some fresh hell, and decides she is no longer anti-Israel or pro-black Jesus. Her new agenda is being off-putting and weird, because irritating her mother is not something she can ever stop doing. The weirdo tutor is, in real life, a talented dancer who actually does things like this. The Good Wife is Tosh.0 for moms, sometimes.

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