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The hot video game guy is back now to explain about power-ups and how you never turn down a power-up: That whatever you think is offensive about the suicide vest is already offensive about the game in general, so it all bears equal weight. But that's not all. Apparently Peter's creepy chuckling fit has lit a fire under Alicia's shapely self.

Alicia: "So everybody who plays this game eventually grabs a vest. Like for example lots of the ASA's in Cary's office..."
Cary: "Objection for some reason!"
Alicia: "...Lots of them have used these."
Sartori: "Yeah, it's a part of the game? It's not a thing?"
Alicia: "So you're saying the Assistant State's Attorneys of Cook County probably murdered Simon Greenberg in a gay jealous rage."
Cary: "AH!"
Alicia: "Okay, I was just dicking with you. My actual point is that the roommates also played this game. And in fact Amir, the rude one, he was dunked by a moderator for being a jerk in this online game. Yes?"
Sartori: "That's what this subpeona'd document says."
Alicia: "And he was in a fight with whom? Who was the other person who got dinged in this fight?"
Sartori: "It says Simon Greenberg."

And you're like, Man, how Good Wife would it be if a hardliner Muslim and a fractious dead Jewish kid got into a fight over a video game and it ended up in stabbings? Not very Good Wife, because the show's whole philosophy means that this will end up having nothing to do with Palestine -- If Alicia's kid is anti-Israel then Eli's kid is pro-Israel; if Grace is going to start yelling about the flotilla disaster then Pastor Isaiah is going to stay too classy to discuss it; etc. -- but still more Good Wife than anything thus far. Every crime's a Find-The-Lady.


Alicia: "So it's looking like Amir killed the kid, since we can't find a connection between Tariq and the victim. Yet. And he's not political like Amir is."
Lockhart, Gardner: "Make it work."

Diane: "Will, why are you being so weird to Alicia? It seems like you're holding something against her. It seems like you're being hard on her. Super hard."
Will: "I'm going to be vague because the viewers still don't know if we slept together, are still sleeping together, or what day it is. But yeah, I'm being plenty hard on her."
Diane: "You're holding something hard against her?"
Will: "She's a third-year Associate on a partner track and she's treating us like peers."
Diane: "All of you people are assholes. Why is everybody being ridiculous about Alicia today? FIX IT."

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