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Alicia hangs out against the wall of Will's house, enjoying herself after a hard day. Will arises from the bottom of the frame, grinning, and they fuck against the wall.

Will: "Are we overdoing it? Diane thinks I'm going too hard on you. Am I? Going too hard?"
Alicia: "Forming sentences is not what I'm all about right now."
Will's Neighbors: Yelling about things. If we can hear them, they can hear us, so any volcanic orgasms you're about to have in three, two, one...
Will: "Please come to the bedroom."
Alicia: "First of all, absolutely not. That would make it real. Second of all, we are not going anywhere for the next three, two, one... Don't move."
She bites down on his finger. It is amazing. A win for Alicia Florrick is a win for us all. What a wonderful little sex scene that was!


Alicia and Grace chill on the couch, watching some cooking show that Alicia finds inspiring.

Alicia: "We need to eat better."
Grace: "I like what we eat."
Alicia, indicating the cooking show: "No, I need to cook."

They laugh; it is cute.

Grace: "You're happier without Dad."
Alicia: "No, I'm happier with you."
Grace: "Barf, first of all. But secondly I'm being serious. You are happy now."
Alicia, considering: "Is that okay?"
Grace: "I love you, I love Dad. Don't worry about it. I like you happy."
Alicia: "Telling me not to worry about something is like telling a normal person to worry about something. In other news, I have found you a new tutor that is not creepy."
Grace: "No, actually I am totally into my weird tutor now."
Alicia: "You said quote that she was 'too different.'"
Grace: "Oh, she is. But sometimes different isn't always bad."

Alicia reviews everything she knows about Grace; obviously something fucked up is going to happen here but she doesn't know what it is yet, so she's going to monitor the situation. That should work out fine.

Grace reviews everything she knows about her mother; obviously something is coming, more changes are coming, but she doesn't know what they are so she's going to monitor the situation. Eventually the shells stop circling and you tip one back and see what you've won.

Alicia: "Please tell me you're learning something, and that this isn't all pointless."
Grace: "I'm learning something."

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