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Yeah, to be super weird. Or maybe Jackie and Owen were right and Grace is becoming a lesbian and Jesus was just a gateway drug and Weird Tutor is the new Becca.

Which reminds me: What I want is for Owen to start dating David Lee. There's something simultaneously sexy and Gilmore Girls-neurotic about hooking those two up. Plus, they're the only two other people involved in the (possible) divorce and the only two people on earth that could ever even hope to manage Jackie Florrick.


Sophia's still haunting Kalinda, which comes in handy when they head back over to ask Amir about how he got in trouble online for fighting with Simon and how he didn't feel like that was relevant. Amir tells her to get out of there because she's got no authority, and she summons Sophie -- who's hanging out by Kalinda's car like a freak like usual -- to come in and be the muscle.

Well, as it turns out it wasn't Amir that was actually playing that day he got busted: It was Tariq. "These roommates," Alicia burbles, "They share everything!" So then what's the motive, now that you have a connection between Tariq and Simon? It's pretty left-field, but Alicia gets two-thirds of the way there just by being sensible: "I wonder if we're making a mistake thinking it's about Middle Eastern politics. These kids, they're just college kids."


The Judge finds that there's sufficient evidence for a finding of probable cause, but before he can set the case for trial, Alicia speaks up and... I feel like she's being creepy. Because the only explanation comes to us through the unreliable narrator of Peter Florrick, I guess it's possible she's not about to do what he'll say she's doing, but I can't figure out what other reason she would have, because what she's about to do is very hardcore and something that you would only do if you were willing to never ever deal with a particular judge again. Which is not the only confusing thing about this part.

Alicia asks Judge Karpman to recuse himself from the trial, because of demonstrated bias, because he has given money to Zionist organizations and cannot be trusted for a fair trial. I mean, it always makes me nervous on law shows when they do the recusal route, because it's so sticky with contempt, but to do it this way just seems racist like everything else. The judge is, of course, horrified -- although he would be either way, of course -- and barely remembers to bang his gavel he's so intent on getting the fuck out of there.

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