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Sophia: "Nice office, if you like the smell of government-employee desperation."
Cary: "Nice outfit, if you are Aeon Flux. What do you want?"
Sophia: "See this envelope? Slip it to Kalinda, if you know what I mean."
Cary: "I feel like you're threatening to have sex with me or kill me. That is totally what I am into."

Cary: "Hi, Kalinda. You're looking kind of soulless lately."
Kalinda: "I have made a deal with myself to not have feelings."
Cary: "Peter wants us to play clean, but I'm giving you this envelope for more complicated snaky Cary reasons than that."
Kalinda: "Thank you for the envelope. I have a lot going on."


Eli, to his People: "You can't make Chicagoans feel good about Islam with pathos. You need to go positive. Link the Arab Spring to the American Revolution. Who is the Islamic George Washington? Who is the Islamic Paul Revere? Morning in the Middle East..."

Alicia: "Why the fuck are you in my new undecorated office?"
Kalinda: "Sorry, I was putting this envelope in here and I hoped you wouldn't be here."
Alicia: "Whatever."

Alicia: "Jimal, fifteen people have conspired to give me this envelope that shows security tape of you being on campus during the riot, so we know you weren't there."
Jimal: "That makes me nervous for reasons that will never be clear in this episode."
Alicia: "Listen to me, because I am using my defense attorney voice to warn you about what is going on. This document shows that the driver of your car, whoever that was, maybe you maybe not, was not at the rally slash riot. Do you understand what the tone of my voice is attempting to convey?"
Jimal: "Yes, because I am not an idiot."
Alicia: "I'm not sure that you aren't, so I am once again going to warn you that the answer to this question might incriminate you in an unrelated gay Nazi homicide. Are you driving this car?"
Jimal: "...Yes?"


Judge: "Really?"
Jimal: "Sure. This case is even less important to the episode than usual, on this show."
Cary: "Great, so under oath that's you driving your car and not being in riot, but also driving a very strange way from the library."
Judge: "Great, so we're done here."

Cary: "Hold up. Because first I'm sorry that we charged Jimal with being in a riot, but secondly I have to say that probably he killed this other kid on the other side of campus."
Judge: "Sure, that is often the way the law works."
Alicia: "I am not so sure about that! Objections! So many of them!"
Judge: "Wait, I'm confused."
Cary: "He said he was driving this car, and it puts him at the murder scene. Therefore his riot alibi proves that he killed this other kid."
Alicia: "He only said that because you overcharged him with a hate crime!"
Judge: "So you're saying he was lying, then."
Alicia: "No, just that he took my advice! To perjure himself!"
Cary: "Cool, so you're a great lawyer then. Your Honor, the People charge Jimal Mifsud with first-degree murder."
Alicia: "How the fuck did I do this to everybody?"

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