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Sophia has been following Kalinda around all day, investigating her investigating these various roommate leads. She has been doing this in Marx Brothers nose-and-glasses, and speaking in an absurd Russian accent. Kalinda is not fooled.

Kalinda: "Sophia, this is not how you do your job."
Sophia: "Sometimes. Sometimes it is. Like today, I just thought you'd probably be able to track down the roommates and figure out the best lead, so I sort of hitched myself to the back of your boat and have been enjoying the wake. The wake of your professionalism. Also, are you sleeping with Cary? Does that mean I'm going to have to start sleeping with Cary just to freak you out? Because I will do it. Anybody would do that. It's Cary."
Kalinda: "Don't you try to fathom me."
Sophia: "Are you still mad at me?"
Kalinda: "Are you still married? Anyway, do you want the next address I'm going to, or do you just want to creep along behind me on your tiptoes doing Nosferatu hands while plinky-plink piano plays in the background?"
Sophia: "I prefer to think of them as Tyrannosaurus hands, but yes."


Judge: "So you're saying that you counseled your defendant to perjure himself with an alibi... And somehow Cary's the one that did the bad thing?"
Alicia: "Yes! Because they threatened him with bogus hate crimes!"
Judge: "Okay, but on paper that's actually believable even though we both know Cary is a little shit that would totally do what you're suggesting. Whereas you are trying to dismiss testimony that puts him at the..."
Alicia: "But there's not even any evidence that Jimal knew the guy! What's the motive?"
Cary: "Racism! Swastikas!"
Alicia: "BARF, Cary. Anti-Semitism isn't some cookie cutter motive you can apply to any dark-skinned..."
Judge: "-- See, now it feels racist again. Look, nobody likes a streetfight better than me..."
Exhausted Bailiff again: "Good Lord, here we go..."
Judge: "... But that's for in the street, not here. Mr. Agos, do you have any further probable cause? Because if it's just that statement, I am prone to overturn."

Of course he does. But in a case that's already radically not the point and with the sex still to get to, we'll go over the finer points: The new witness is a Professor Noah Fineman, who teaches Poli Sci and who is radically anti-Zionist and strongly against our American interests in Israel, and has this whole agenda that is just about as unsympathetic as you can get no matter which side you're on, and the point is that there was one student whom Fineman supposed to be intensely interested in a particular talk he gave on how 9/11 was America's fault because of the Zionist regime, and the whole thing is creepy and weird, and we talk a lot about Israel's failings, and really he just cares about shilling for his book -- Zionist Occupation: The Need For Realignment & New Thinking -- and Alicia quickly uncovers that the guy rarely even teaches his own class and, thanks to cross-racial identification issues, doesn't know that the kid he thinks was radicalized by this isn't even Jimal, but in fact Tariq, the hot piece.

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