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The People Who Judge

But maybe more interesting is the breezy, shruggy way in which Alicia just casually gives the Kresteva-esque impression that it doesn't really matter what's true or what Lana believes. Which, I don't know if that's what they're going for, especially on the heels of the last scene, but whatever it takes to keep Kalinda from getting murdered. Right?


Lyman: "What we should really do is vote Diane out."
Eli: "Sure, I... What?"
Lyman: "And we should put people to death for not having lids on their coffee cups, like in Singapore."
Gold: "I mean... Hang on, what?"
Lyman: "And it should always be summer! Less legal cases during the summer. You know what I mean?"
Gold: "I just realized Howard Lyman is bonkers."
Lyman: "And then on Fridays, we all go to the burlesque..."
Gold: "Stop talking stop talking stop talking."

Will watches, of course, loving every second. I'm impressed that he knew that was going to blow up. Either way, in retrospect, he was covered, and I love that he knew that. Whenever Will says not to worry about something, in the long term he is correct. Although in the short term, things can get really hairy. But that was a good one. I kind of like having Will just hang around being funny and cool instead of having to worry about him on cases. Don't you? I didn't think I would -- but now I can barely remember what he's like in a courtroom.


This part was neat and a little sad. Kalinda walks in and starts chatting up the lady in there, and before she's said a single word, the woman's taken her measurements: She was the investigator back during the Rooney case, and recognized Kalinda as one of her own the second she walked in. It's a little like looking in a mirror: They both have that velvety smoke way of moving around and answering your questions before you ask them and not really ever saying anything. They like each other, warily, on sight, and with zero bullshit: I know what you're like, because you're like me. I wonder if she had an Alicia.

Anyway. What the lady wants Kalinda to know is that there's something in the SA Evidence Locker she needs to get ahold of, and also one other thing: Get out while you can.


What Kalinda turns up is good stuff, too: Credit card receipts on the dead wife's card, dated after she was long gone and Patrick was already in custody.

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