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The People Who Judge

Diane: "So, DNA aside, that's pretty clear he didn't do it."
Cuesta: "I never saw this shit. I had a billion cases, I couldn't look at every single..."
Alicia: "So you'd what, farm it out?"
Diane: "To, say, your co-counsel?"
Cuesta: "No, not this again. I'm drawing a line..."
Diane: "It's not even necessary to do that! Look, it's confirmation bias. You saw a bloody woman, hacked to pieces, and you wanted justice. Things that helped mattered more than things that hurt. That's how a prosecution builds its case."
Cuesta: "Then I am guilty of what they're saying I am."
Alicia: "Not if you had a second review. Not if there were another pair of eyes, not if you passed this particular batch of stuff to Lloyd Bullock. That just makes this his fault, not yours. It's not even about if either of you are even bad people. Have you honestly forgot even these basics?"
Cuesta: "What I have learned in this episode is that I fucking hate lawyers."
Alicia: "Girl, I know exactly what you mean."


Callie: "Hey, I just called Diane and turned you down."
Will: "Huh. I want to be really clear that I wasn't asking you to..."
Callie: "Oh my God, men are so silly. I took a better job. Not about you, even remotely."
Will, making out: "I have baggage."
Callie: "So let's see it."

Well, I guess I like Cokehead Callie now. Maybe it was just the AA coffee-cart sadness of her life as she explained it, last week, that bothered me. Because this week, she seems really forthright and neat. And a good match. Kind of like if Cuddy went to therapy and became strong without being twisted, you know? I'm with her, for now, especially since she isn't going to be up in the firm's business, weirding out Alicia and complicating matters.

Oh, plus:


Cary: "Generous offer letter."
Diane: "Salary befitting our first choice. Welcome home, Cary. Hit the ground sprinting."
Cary: "Load me up!"
Diane: "I've been trying to get you back since you left, so yeah. I'm good."
Will: "And as for me, the slate is blank."

They shake hands, and Will grins as he says there's just a few administrative things Cary's going to need to take care of...

Lyman: "We need a slush fund. Discretionary fund. For hookers."

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