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The Penalty Box

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The People Who Judge

Cary: "Do what?"
Lyman: "For getting clients laid. Trust me on this."

(Cary: "I have... Am I being punk'd?"
Will: "Also, he thinks you're gay! But we'll let that surprise simmer for a while.")

Cary chases Kalinda into the hallway instead of dealing.

Kalinda: "So you're back, huh?"
Cary: "Is that okay? Will you come out for a drink tonight? With a group, I mean. Of third-years. Such as Alicia..."
Kalinda: "No, seriously. Thanks. Maybe next time."
Cary: "Good enough for me. Team Agos steps up to the plate, once again."


Lloyd: "Never saw them."
Alicia: "I can see missing one of them, but four receipts that call your case into question?"
Seth: "Asked and answered!"
Alicia: "Sure. But you were on financials for this case, yeah? And you would have had these on your desk at some point."
Lloyd: "If they'd been discovered, yes. They would have gone straight to Cuesta."

So it turns out that, on New Year's that year, Lloyd was in a car accident which, by May, had given him a full-blown hydrocodone addiction, and he went into treatment. This brings Seth all the way back around and he starts yelling at Alicia that this whole line is pointless because she's only doing this to reassign blame, and she puts that fake smile of her on: She's bringing evidence that's potentially damaging to her case in an effort to put the whole thing together and figure out the truth, but by all means, etc. By the time she starts throwing her arms around talking about how flattering it is that Seth finds her so deeply malevolent, Murph's had enough.

Addicted to painkillers in 1992? Yes. Did Cuesta know that? No. Did Cuesta ever see these receipts? No. And who was responsible for these receipts? Lloyd. Murph stares Cuesta in the eye a while, and thanks everybody for playing. Cuesta stares into space and thinks bad things about himself.


Alicia: "To Cary! Welcome back to the dark side!"
Cary: "To Alicia, for getting a judge off today! Or at least out of the penalty box."
Alicia: "I sometimes feel like I don't understand the law, or what the fuck I am doing."

She played every trick in the Season Three book, from fake laughing to finger-pointing to witness-shaming. She did a great job. Without even lying, really. And now Cary's here, happy to be here with Alicia Florrick, talking her through her moral crisis when he's one of the few people that even noticed it was going on, and something she would still not quite comprehend is that he can only trust her now that he's seen her struggling, because St. Alicia was so very virtuous that he could never trust her at all. But this time, all this time she's been visiting him at the SA and worrying about him, bringing him into the firm again: It's because they're friends, and he can trust that because he knows she's just as dirty as he is. Or he's become just as clean.

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