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The People Who Judge


Diane: "I said after we got rid of Caitlin that I want a new litigator before we take on any more big messes."
Will: "But he's a judge!"
Diane: "And I will reiterate, judges are assholes. Plus, he'll have to recuse himself from further cases with us..."
Will: "But all the other judges will go back to thinking we can play ball and take care of them."
Diane: "Yeah, I know. That bugs me too in some ways."

Howard Lyman: "Is this the room where I change for a schvitz?"
Will: "No, this is a meeting of named partners for your law firm where you work."
Lyman: "Then I should be here!"
Will: "Agreed. Don't you think we should take a judge as a client?"
Lyman: "Sure, whatever."
Diane: "Fuckin'... Okay, then we also need to hire a new litigator, right?"
Lyman: "I'm cool with whatever."

Diane: "Alicia has suggested Cary Agos."


Lyman: "And who is 'Alicia'?"
Alicia: "Sitting right here, man. Anyway, demotion, white privilege, it's this whole thing. He's ready to make the jump."
Will: "But are we ready to get jumped?"

Uh, by Cary Agos? I am gonna go ahead and recuse myself from that conversation.


Will: "Absolutely nothing you say or how cute you say it is going to make me stop fuming."
Cary: "Are you sure? Because I'm only at like a six now."
Will: "Why are you leaving the SA?"
Cary: "My responsibilities have been curtailed and I want to pursue greater chall..."
Will: "-- Curtailed why?"
Cary: "Classified, bro. But trust me, Peter still loves me."
Diane: "Problem going up against your former boss?"
Cary: "Came after you with both barrels, didn't I?"
Diane: "Delightful!"

Cary: "Look. I've been sparkling and dimpling at you since I walked in here, and I'm getting nothing, so how about I just apologize."
Will: "For being part of the vicious Wendy Scott-Carr troika that caused me to go so insane I wrote a book? Were you aware my sisters visited? The scope of my indignity..."
Cary: "Not my call. And not something I ever supported."
Will: "I just really want to have a problem with this. As a non-practicing formerly named partner at this firm I only have so much weight to throw around."

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