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The People Who Judge

Diane: "Okay, stop fighting with everybody and let's keep reviewing."
Alicia: "Killer's hand got cut when he was stabbing her, which blood didn't get tested until his appeal last year..."
Judge, the whole time: "Blah blah blah..."
Diane: "Yeah, look. This isn't your courtroom. Stop talking over your attorneys and drop the entitlement shit."

He starts yelling about his career and everything and she cuts him dead: The facts are that this guy lost his wife and then spent twenty inside for her murder. Whether or not Cuesta is right about any of this, she explains, he's on the other side of the bench and he needs to demonstrate humility. I love it, because she's actually calling him out for his behavior, and in a very scary tone of voice, but then any objection he could raise she undercuts by reframing it as professional advice. It's so, so slick and so, so satisfying.

End result, they're calling a Court of Inquiry, which will be explained later I'm sure, and which will require a judge because Cuesta knows all the usual judges. Alicia gets called out by Will, for what may be an even more awkward meeting. When was the last time we saw Bishop? When his wife died mysteriously during their divorce? He's come up since then, but I think that was the last big time we saw him in the office.


Since Will has two months left on his suspension, he's brought Bishop in to reassure him that the team is still working: He runs through the various people from their departments, and last comes Alicia, who's his civil attorney. She is bright and friendly with him as usual, and gives the minimum amount of words also as usual.

Bishop: "Where's that little investigator?"
Will: "First of all, don't let her hear you say that. Secondly, she's in another meeting but we can snag her if you want."
Bishop: "I would like a quick word with Alicia and Kalinda alone, please."


Diane: "Anyway, backseat driving is to be expected of lawyers and judges. It's important to be firm and terrifying right up front."
Cuesta: "Oh, trust me. I will endeavor to behave. That was the scariest thing that ever happened to me, just now."
Alicia: "Kalinda, Bishop wants us."
Kalinda: "Aw, shit."


Bishop: "Will, you can leave now. Maybe because it's a legal problem, maybe because I'm going to threaten the lives of your coworkers, or maybe because we're planning your birthday party. Regardless, you can't be here."

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