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The People Who Judge

Soooo Lana from the FBI paid Bishop a little visit. I can't believe I didn't see this one coming. Neither can Alicia or Kalinda. He is incredibly chilling, which usually he keeps pretty close to the vest, as he explains that Kalinda's tax problems are not his problems, and that she probably shouldn't be letting the FBI connect the dots to him. Alicia tries to step in a few times, but gets scary looks of her own from him. When he's created the sufficient amount of total dread in the room, he leaves.

Kalinda: "Well. That wasn't great."
Alicia: "Yeah. Your little FBI friend is going to get you literally murdered."
Kalinda: "I know, right?"


Kalinda: "They still haven't agreed which judge is going to fall on this grenade."
Prosecutor Seth: "Diane, Judge Cuesta. Well met."
Cuesta: "Who'd you piss off to get this job, Seth?"
Seth: "Volunteered, Your Honor."
Cuesta: "I'm going to be snotty about that, okay?"
Seth: "I stepped up, Your Honor. Justice must be served."
Diane: "Ugh. One of those."

Judge Murphy Wicks enters, played by Stephen Root, and of whom nobody in the room seems to have heard.

Wicks: "I'm new to this court! Hey! You can call me Murph, I'm from a small town in southern Illinois!"


Alicia: "You can't convict a prosecutor just for their choices. Kalinda says the judge is exactly what he seems to be, and..."
Diane: "Alicia, what do you think about Cokehead Callie? We might hire her instead of Cary."
Alicia: "Oh my God, every time I think my opinion matters you guys pull this shit. Fine, she's a good lawyer. I don't know how she'll fit in, but whatever. Like you care."


Callie: "I was suspended for a year, overbilling issues. Due to my coke problem!"
Diane: "And then a couple years of rehab, and I still don't know that you slept with Will, so that's all fine. Why are you leaving your current firm?"
Callie: "Too corporate, too much backstabbing, you know, all the shit that doesn't go on here. Fiefdoms. But mostly, because you are a goddess."

No complaints. I'd want to work for her too.

Lyman: "Who would you take to a desert island?"
Callie: "Yo-Yo Ma, with cello, and Brad Pitt. For heterosexuality purposes."

Lyman: "I like her! I like how she didn't say gay stuff."

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