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The People Who Judge

Diane: "Yeah, well, I am going to check her references, but duly noted."

Eli: "Hey, Howard! I'm going to talk to you like I really respect you. Let's chat."
Diane: "Man, they just never quit. I thought hiring that old dude would solve problems, but really, does anything ever solve problems?"


Doing it with Callie the day after her job interview.

Will: "Wait, you had a job interview at L/G?"
Callie: "Yeah, I assumed that was at least partly your doing. Huh, guess I impressed them last time we were in court. How legit!"
Will: "Yeah. I have to go? Forever."
Callie: "Why are you being so weird?"
Will: "Let's just say that was a pretty unmemorable time for it to be the last time I ever have sex. Because once Diane is through with me that will no longer be an option."


Being just a small-town judge without a lot of pretense, we quickly learn that Murph's style is more about figuring out what's up and less about trial posturing. Alicia raises some objections, normal ones, and he keeps shutting her down -- but then abruptly just ignores Seth's questioning in order to get to the heart of what he's trying to get the witness to say: Judge Cuesta's estranged daughter, Lynn, dated one of the jurors in the Rooney case for about a year. In that time, they discussed the case at length.

Because Alicia would love it if all trials were like this, just these cozy chats where you say what you want them to say and then they tell you the truth, she immediately gets comfy with Murph's Courtroom of Inquiry, and proceeds ahead in like manner: None of that means anything, because Lynn hates her father so much that she tried to change her name back in 1993. She wouldn't have aided the prosecution in that trial any more than she would have relayed information, because she hates the guy. No more questions, witness dismissed.


Shows up at Lana's house, shoves past her -- and her gun -- and then without much ado fingerbangs her up against a wall. And just when Lana's thinking this is that kind of movie, and being a gross closet case stalker might actually work occasionally, Kalinda... Bursts into actual tears.

Kalinda: "You're going to get me killed."
Lana: "What? What are you talking about?"
Kalinda: "Lamond Bishop. You talked to him, and now he's going to kill me."

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