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The People Who Judge

Will: "Don't worry about it. Eli is the worst, he will fuck this up for himself."


Lloyd Bullock is a hot piece who used to be in the SA and was the co-counsel they're trying to frame.

Alicia: "You don't look like you did back then, huh? You were still a hot piece, but you had a little less hair back then?"
Lloyd: "I am unashamed of that procedure! Look at me."
Murph: "You do! You look great!"

Alicia kind of pisses him off now, though, by never quite saying that Lloyd was the one that left the things where they jurors would see them: It was a smoking area, he was a smoker; he looked a lot like Cuesta back then; and most importantly, he was in charge of the evidence. Which, of course, he was not. So Alicia does that "my mistake" thing and tries to back out of the conversation, but then the Murph Effect kicks in the other way and he's like, "Let's talk about what we're talking about."

Murph: "Did you sneak anything to the smokers?"
Lloyd: "No, I was with Cuesta the entire time they were deliberating."
Murph: "Cuesta, is that true?"

If he says anything but yes, that calls it into question. But doesn't it, by the same token, mean that if he does say yes, it goes both ways? If Lloyd was with him the whole time, then wasn't he by the transitive property also with Lloyd that whole time? So really, it just makes L/G look bad to have gone here. Which is so ironic, because Alicia could easily just move to Murph's town and they could have a sitcom spin-off where they figure out problems and solve them with hometown justice and gentle wisdom. But instead, she's the gross one, like when they made Cuddy look crazy in front of that guy from The Wire.

(Maybe I'm just seeing things because it's the penultimate one, but does it seem like this episode has more callbacks than usual? Not just the ethical one here, or the conversation that follows, but also the -- not to be indelicate -- there were angles and details of a scene earlier that were a bit reminiscent of events at the beginning of the season. Maybe I'm not watching enough of the right television shows, but it seems to me that... Anyway, you know what I mean.)


Alicia has Lana in to discuss the Bishop thing, showing her documentation for what is probably nearly entirely true: That any work Kalinda did on a Bishop case would have billed to L/G, not Bishop -- bringing it under privilege -- but that in this one case his people accidentally cut the check to her, which makes it look like something is being exposed, or like Kalinda is lying about her income, but that in fact it's just a case where L/G let it slide because of the hassle of not double-billing him after the check was cashed. Lana doesn't buy it, but we don't really care what Lana thinks because she is a destructive dilettante who's gonna get my girl killed.

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