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The Goldilocks Zone

They shake hands and congratulate each other, and it's super sweet, but the music is like, "Alicia, prepare for impact."

Diane: "Alicia. A word?"
Alicia: "With you assholes? Let me clear my motherfucking schedule."

L & G

Diane: "Do you know why you got subpoenaed?"
Alicia: "Can't say that I do. I sure hope it's related to getting passive-aggressive on the stand, though."
Will: "Think it might be about the ballerina case?"
Alicia: "You guys are the geniuses here. You tell me."
Will: "The thing is that we think he's going to say we're pushing clients to settle against their interests, and we need to know we're all on the same page as far as testifying about that."
Alicia: "Sure you are. Of course you are, you dicks."
Diane: "Hmm. Hey Alicia, remember we made you partner? Huh, girl, huh? You remember that? Did you treat yourself to something special?"
Alicia: "Yeah, I did. Anything else? No? Later, boners."

Will: "I'm getting the distinct vibe that Alicia's past the honeymoon stage here."
Diane: "But what on earth could our patently obvious agenda have to do with it?"

I don't do well with getting handled, and I don't like feeling like a fool, but in both of those cases it bothers me less, when it happens, than it does Alicia Florrick. Only her innate Alicia-ness, I think, is what kept her from unloading both barrels right then and there. But then, she's a consummate professional while I am an unemployable mess, so maybe this is normal behavior and it only looks extra-cool, to me personally.

Eli, outta nowhere: "Alicia, tell me all your thoughts on God."
Alicia: "You have gotta be fucking kidding. God's got a sick sense of humor if you're here starting this shit with me right now."
Eli: "Alicia, we're buddies!"
Alicia: "Jordan already creeped me on this one."
Alicia: "No, it's my job, but also it was at the campaign bus. And I told him to suck it."
Eli: "But not me, right? Your old pal Eli? You'll tell me your religious beliefs, right?"
Alicia: "I believe in the Constitution, a glass of red wine, and this middle finger right here."

He follows her to her office and tries to spin her helpless, angry laughter into an entire religion.

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