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Cary finds Hayden standing at the elevator, watching it open and close, and gets concerned about the weirdness of what is going on with Hayden's weird stresses.

Cary: "Mr. Hayden, can I help you or something? Please?"
Hayden: "Baby, I don't know. I feel like I'm in over my head. I love tidiness more than anything, and now I feel that I have gotten into a very tricky mess. I dunno, I gotta go..."
Cary: "-- Good luck on the bar, okay? I've been thinking about you all week."
Hayden: "I have fallen out of love with the law again. It seems very messy and bad to me right now."
Cary: "It's not the law, it's how you practice it."
Hayden: "Good point. I'm going to talk to your bosses now, actually. About just that."
Cary: "Mr. Hayden!? Come back a second. I just really... I feel so bad about the things I said about us, in that deposition..."
Hayden: "You told the truth."
Cary: "Yeah, but not the whole truth. You know I still love you, right?"
Hayden: "Don't worry about it."
Cary: "Maybe I will. But probably not."

Will and Diane look up when Hayden arrives, like what now, but his face is apologetic indeed. All this mess: "I've been subpoenaed. So."


When Cary and Kalinda show up, David Lee asks Dina and her dad to step out so they can talk to Neil and his lawyer one-on-one. Dad balks, but Dina's fine with it: Either way, David Lee says, it's in her best interest to leave for a minute. They are lovey-dovey, it's cute, and she's gone.

Cary: "What's this hidden $112K in your SEC filings?"
Eleanor: "First of all, 'hidden' is a nasty word. And also, that's a pittance."
Kalinda: "It pays out to a shell company called JC Ventures, sole beneficiary one Jacob Carlisle..."
(Jacob: "Your secret gay lover! Who is me, Neil Gross! I have finally entered the show and left the mundane world behind!")
Kalinda: "...Who is the son of a one-night stand you had years ago."
(Jacob: "...Annnnnd we're back.")
Eleanor: "Wait, so you're extorting us? Fuck you, I'll have your license for this..."
Neil: "No. Give them whatever they want. It might be extortion, but it's working."

He runs outside to kiss his bride, and it's pretty amazing because it's something that could only happen in a story: You approach this Prisoner's Dilemma about whether or not you can ever accept the guy's promise, if both of you and both your future selves are up to the challenge, and then this thing happens. A thing Dina doesn't even really need to know about, in terms of where it puts his feelings for her, but which seals the deal for both of them. It's not worth going through the rest of it, when he's just trying to be a good dude to this kid. Honesty is a better policy, but considering this was all arranged by David Lee, it's about the least disgusting extortion attempt-and-outcome you could ever hope for.

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