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Canning: "And while everybody's out there living it up, poor Cinderelly's out here, finishing up paperwork."
Alicia: "I'm surprised you're still walking after that beatdown. Well, relatively speaking."
Canning: "I'm here to sign the extension, nothing else has really changed."
Alicia: "Wrong, you're not here to sign paperwork. What's your game?"
Canning: "Play Monopoly? I like the Get Out Of Jail Free card the best. What a feeling of relief..."
Alicia: "Whatever you've got say, just say it. I hate your little parables."
Canning: "Fine. Here's your Get Out Of Jail Free card."

Always such admiration in his eyes. Even when they're fighting, when it's dimmed, he really does play it like she's the best. The meaner she is, the more he is impressed. And I love too how that eats at her. Just annoys the shit out of her. But of course, you've guessed it: His business card. Nothing written on the back, no promises or dealbreakers or stuff in writing. Just his card, and a promise.

Diane: "What'd he want?"
Alicia: "Private matter. No big deal."
Diane: "I'm here on a professional one. Your absence from the festivities is sending a message."
Alicia: "I no longer even know what to do with you. I can't tell if you're joking, or it's a threat, or both, or neither and you're just telling me to get out there. I just honestly can't."
Diane: "You're pouting. It's unbecoming."
Alicia: "...That answers that, I guess. Please stop looking at me like I'm in trouble, it makes me want to flip out. Mama's hung over, lady."

There is a moment where it really could go either way, and Diane sits. Sucks on her teeth, looking at Alicia. Trying to remember every flavor of relationship they've had over the years, so she knows they can both be honest.

"You know why I was made partner? Because Stern got sued for sexual harassment, and needed a female partner. You know how much I idolized him, back then. But I am telling you honestly, that's the only reason I am here today. When the door you've been knocking at finally opens, you don't ask why. You run through. That's the simple fact. And nobody's here to make that comfortable for you, nobody is here to appreciate your moping. So my advice to you remains to take a moment for yourself, to be proud, and then put on a smile and get your ass in the conference room to thank your fellow partners for extending this opportunity.

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