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The Goldilocks Zone

Alicia laughs nastily and just walks away. Can you imagine? Just walking away from Jordan Karahalios like that. Alicia, you are a mystery. I would gladly talk anybody's ear off about my feelings on religion -- you may have picked up on that -- but most especially would I get gotten by Jordan Karahalios asking my opinions about just anything at all. "This could take a while, Jordan Karahalios. We'd better get you somewhere warm."


Kalinda has figured out that Neil Gross's prenup doesn't specify a set value for the shares of ChumHum Dina gets, so if they divorce he could easily dilute the stock until her shares are worthless. Does Dina care? No, because she just had lunch with Neil and is starry-eyed with love for Neil, because he's fantastic.

Dad: "Dina, for a lawyer you don't seem to understand how anything works."
Dina: "I know how lunch works! I am in love! Money will not guide me!"
David Lee: "Whatever, I am so very tired of this. Later."

Kalinda: "Money doesn't guide her? So don't go after him on money."
David Lee: "Plan B. Let his house lawyers piss her off."
Cary: "How you gonna do that?"
David Lee: "Live and learn, young protégé."

Cary: "Did he seriously just say that to me?"
Kalinda: "How did it make you feel?"
Cary: "Shivery all over."


Canning notes, to Diane's disgust and Will's ire, that since bankruptcy the firm has been settling all of their litigation, to bank on easy money -- whereas before all this started, it was only settling 30% of cases. You can kind of see the point he's making, which is that they have only recently become risk-averse but got into bankruptcy by assuming that Will Gardner would make the lifetime of Hail Marys he's known for, but that quickly gets lost in the noise of everybody yelling at everybody else.

Will: "But Diane, they could get us. It's not just a smear campaign. If he can find evidence of us settling and selling out our clients..."
Diane: "Never!"
Will: "Two episodes ago, the little ballerina with West Nile. It already has the stink of Canning all over it, and we did technically drop our ask."
Diane: "For good reason, if you recall..."
Will: "Well, that's debatable. What if they put somebody on the stand who will always tell the truth, no matter how annoying it is."

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