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Alicia made partner while her husband became the Dem Gube, Diane Lockhart may become a State Supreme Court Justice, Cary and Kalinda possibly slept together, and Will is finally hooking up with Laura Hellinger. From the past we have unrepentant murderer Colin Sweeney, the creepiest creeper to ever crap crepes -- plus his even creepier semen-smuggling girlfriend Isobel -- and Kurt McVeigh, Diane's loveable Teabagger boyfriend.


Alicia: "Wait, this is my office? I thought it was like Biosphere III, or possibly a museum."
Diane: "Keep talking so I can find you in this giant office."
Alicia: "How will I fill up this entire huge space with crap?"
Diane: "Oh, you get ten grand for that and also priceless art whenever you feel like it."
Alicia: "This is all very sudden. Not my uncalled-for promotion, of course, but the infinite coffers you're suddenly dumping at my feet."
Diane: "It has to do with Nathan Lane's austerity measures. Which are now a thing of the past."
Alicia: "Well, okay. As long as everybody gets to benefit."
Diane: "Almost everybody. Except for the ticking timebomb of whiteboy rage we just installed in a spare bathroom haunted by a ghost."


Cary: "Wait, this is my office? I thought it was a torture chamber."
Diane: "Don't worry about that ghost, she only moans and weeps every hour on the hour."
Cary: "Do I at least get a lighter or a cell phone in this coffin?"
Diane: "No but you do get to work for HR for free. Here are a hundred résumés for associates that we will probably promote before you unless you engineer my murder. Pick the one with the most stuff going on that makes them better than you."
Cary: "I can't help feeling like you are actually trying to alienate my affection."
Diane: "Before she became a partner, Alicia made herself valuable by interviewing and hiring a new associate. Also by fucking the next governor of Illinois, but a little bit the first thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go become rich and famous and amazing."


Diane: "Kalinda, pass Cary's résumé checks off on Robyn so they can be the best part of the episode. I need you for the other best part of the episode, my slow spiritual dismantling."
Kalinda: "Does this have to do with Peter Florrick?"

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