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They watch a video of the orgy right when the gun goes off, and guess what? It's super gross and sad and trashy. Laura can't think of anything to ask the guy that taped it, so they just chat about how he's wearing his gym clothes for a while until the judge yells at them to do law things.

Mr. Catalini, Orgy-Goer & -Documentarian: "It's supposed to be Capone's gun, and Sweeney wanted to play William Tell..."
Colin Sweeney: "That's right! William Burroughs, shot an apple off his wife's head!"
Alicia: "Shut up, Colin Sweeney. Now, Mr. Catalani, haven't you since been downsized?"
Mr. Catalini: "I would hold a grudge if he didn't keep inviting me to his awful sex parties, maybe, but that hasn't happened, so..."


Kurt's testifying in another case, and when Diane slips in and sits at the back of the room, he loses his composure so completely and so adorably that you can see more clearly than ever how she's able to overlook basically everything else about him. There is something about this character that really captures Gary Cole's cuteness, which is a thing I didn't know about before.

Diane: "That was awesome!"
Kurt: "No, I was distracted and dumb-sounding."
Diane: "You were wonderfully distracted."
(Kind of painfully awkward conversation about Mitt Romney and John Kerry and ugh.)
Diane: "I need your help. With a case. Of an innocent man. Don't ask who."
Kurt: "Lol, like what is it, Lemond Bishop? The actual Devil? Oooh, Colin Sweeney?"
Diane: "...Got it in three."


Laura: "Alicia, you really crawled up my ass in there."
Alicia: "Yeah, it's because of reasons..."
Laura: "Whatever, we're buds. Listen, are you having an extramarital affair with Will Gardner? Because I totally respect that. Sistas Before Mistas."
Alicia: "Ffffffffffuuuuuu... No. We did, but now we don't. You should. I think it's great. I can't stop thinking about it and having horrible creepy sex dreams where I'm fucking him and then I turn into you. I mean, I'm great with this."
Laura: "Way to say just enough that we don't have to talk about it anymore."
Alicia: "It's like my main thing of life, ASA Hellinger."


Isobel: "He was with me at the time the gun fired, in the Rose Salon."

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