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Whistle & I Will Hear

Laura: "Right here on this map? And what were you doing there?"
Isobel: "Anal."
Laura: "Great."

Laura: "So you're the live-in girlfriend, right, so why shouldn't this court dismiss your testimony as biased?"
Isobel: "Because I'm not biased."
Laura: "Are you not affianced?"
Isobel: "Not sure. I was thinking he might murder me, so I'm still considering it."
Laura: "No, um. No further questions."

Colin Sweeney: "Your girlfriend is going to need some comfort, I think. Of a sssssexual nature."
Will: "God, I hate you."


Greg: "I'm not at all surprised you called me back, for I am magnificent."
Cary: "We just felt we'd only scratched the surface of Greg Steck. After you left we just lay here in a heap, trying to get the stardust out of our eyes, and then once our biorhythms returned to normal we realized we wanted to hear about your current job duties."
Greg: "At the Supreme Court? Do you have like all day?"
Cary: "Baby, we got all night."
Greg: "Well, let me just launch into a whole explanation of the Miles opinion I wrote all by myself and... Hold up. Bro, I just got a job! Later."
Cary: "But we might give you a job."
Greg: "Nah, they got a juice bar. I'm Audi 5000!"

Cary: "I guess that's that, then. I will start calling other loose-lipped douches of my acquaintance..."
Robyn Burdine: "No, I have a better and much stranger idea."
Cary: "Is it being weird and like the Care Bear version of Kalinda all over him?"
Robyn Burdine: "Robyn Burdine!"


Kurt is very focused and grim while he does his whole ballistics thing at the club, to the point where Diane can't get a read on him at all and frankly he seems pissed off, but maybe he's just being weird, so finally she asks if he's still with the Fox News chick from last time -- nope, off to sunny California -- and then asks him out on a date finally. And he's like, "Duh, of course." The only kind of hard-to-get that actually works is the kind that doesn't know it's doing it.

Back in the courtroom, Kurt gives his testimony which is pretty interesting to watch but not really to talk about, but basically it is a very old gun so it would work a different way than Laura's research said it would, and thus the gun was fired not from the Anal Sex Parlor but instead from the Butt-Chugging Lyceum.

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