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Diane: "Nothin's gonna get me down, no sir! Hit me, Kalinda!"
Kalinda: "Take it down a hundred notches. This is gonna suck. Do you know the name Jacob Greenberg?"
Diane: "Not if my country club can hear you! I mean, no."
Kalinda: "Worked with your dad..."
Diane: "Oh right, yeah. Nice guy. They taught together at law school until..."
Kalinda: "Until HUAC came for him. And he lost his job. And he killed himself."
Diane: "Oh, I just stopped wanting to hear this. My father was Jake's best friend, he stood by him, he was one of the only people who stood by him. At great personal expense."
Kalinda: "I know."
Diane: "So then what is this."
Kalinda: "You don't have to hear this. But it could be a thing. Private meetings the Committee had with several influential professors. Including Dr. Lockhart..."
Diane: "Where he, um. That's a rumor, right? Nobody kills that carelessly."

Kalinda produces the meeting minutes and Diane falls in on herself like a tomb. It's the worst. It's worse than the Lifeguard thing I always said was the worst -- or Nobel Prize-winning feminist/activist/rapist Joe Kent, which was the actual worst but I never mention it because I can't even think about it without crying -- because you don't need a degree in rocket science to know how she felt about her dad. This is a liberal feminist who carries a gun, who went into law just like her daddy. Who grew up training to beat the men at their own game, who passed fifty before marriage and a family even occurred to her. Not to play tropes, but... You don't really have to think too hard to see what she's made of. Or how it falls apart.

Alicia doesn't have heroes, so her heart doesn't break like this. But Diane, all she has is heroes. It's what makes her so strong, and her belief so infrangible and righteous. And they just keep taking them away.


Alicia: "So you were having anal sex when the gun was fired. Was it raucous?"
Isobel: "My ass has seen some things."
Alicia: "And this was taking place in the Irrumatio Refectory?"
Isobel: "Actually, I changed my mind again. It was in the Wittol Lounge, as first mentioned."
(Objections overruled, because apparently Isobel Swift can take it up the rear all over the place if she feels like it. Til she's blue in the face.)

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