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Kalinda: "So that would be your insane boyfriend you just proposed to..."
Diane: "Would it be too ironic to ask you to shoot me?"
Kalinda: "It's not the Justice thing, even. It's the campaign. Secession, really?"
Diane: "I can't help it! I just adore the loonybird old lug."
Kalinda: "Put it on hold. At least until you're appointed."
Diane: "Six months."

Well, and what's six months after all this time? The last time she saw Kurt was a little over a year ago -- in our time, I have no idea how long that is for them but a shitload has happened -- because she didn't know he'd broken up with that Fox News chick. Right around the time you saw his crazed face just now you would start thinking the worst, you know, "at long last and now I tragically must choose," but six months is just long enough that it's an actual question. He probably wouldn't ask, and if he did he'd already know the answer, so what's even the question? You want a canoe, you build one.


Alicia: "Ms. Swift?"
Isobel: "Up here, in this tree where all the leaves are made of silver. Past the one where all the leaves are made of brass. If you hit one where they're all gold, you've gone too far... There you go."
Alicia: "You okay up there in that tree in my office?"
Isobel: "Guess who's not wearing any panties!"
Alicia: "I have an eyeline view of your situation, Ms. Swift. Listen, can we talk about your weirdness regarding your hellish union?"
Isobel: "Oh, I'm not worried about it! I just don't want a prenup."
Alicia: "So you're gonna screw him out of his money? Rather than getting killed for yours, since you don't have any? That's kind of gross..."
Isobel: "You're talking to the woman who impregnated herself with his semen after blowing the guy in a TGI Friday's bathroom. Let's talk about economies of scale."
Alicia: "So if I tell him to drop the prenup, you'll fix this?"
Isobel: "Yeah. Have you given any thought to that whole fisting thing?"


Robyn Burdine: "Whoa, Greg Steck? That's crazy, what are you doing here? At my job where I am a real lawyer and not just some sloe-eyed moppet they gave Kalinda as a pet?"
Greg: "I've been texting you. Um, but I figured you were as hung over as I am, so I just... Listen, I know what you were after last night."

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The Good Wife




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