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Whistle & I Will Hear

Robyn Burdine: "Why whatever do you mean? Are you referring to what we lady lawyers call a 'good time'?"
Greg: "Women don't like me due to my excruciating personality. Let's be real here. Also, I know you never took the bar. I just wanted you to know that the Miles opinion is coming out today at five, because the Chief Justice is taking an extra day for a destination wedding."
Robyn Burdine: "You just came here to say that? Like, to be sweet and helpful?"
Greg: "And then to ask you out again. I'm working on being a person. To build myself, like a canoe, into a person..."
Robyn Burdine: "-- Oh! No way, Greg. Huh-uh. But thank you sooo much for this information. Bye, okay?"

Aww, Greg. I mean, not that he deserves makeouts or anything just for being so cool, but I really kind of took to him from the start, and he just kept getting better and better and cuter and cuter. Probably it's just the Jordan Karahalios-sized hole in my heart. You would think being so diminutive he would leave a smaller hole than he did, when he went. But he did not. A cold sad wind whistles through it still. And now we've lost ol' Greg... Ol' Greg Whats-his-name. I cannot bear it. Goodbye, Mr. Whatever. Wherever you are.


Kurt: "First of all, something about a Tiffany lamp that the club thought was destroyed in the orgy/riot, but I have conclusively proven was actually party to a ricochet, and therefore the bullet really was coming from the Zentai Solarium and not the..."
Diane: "Okay, great, cool, see you later."
Kurt: "I'm not... Don't be embarrassed. I'm not rejecting it."
Diane: "Uh, rejecting what, strange man I barely know?"
Kurt: "Rejecting marriage. I want to think about it. About us."
Diane: "Yes yes that's fine, now what about this ricochet?"


Kurt: "[So I guess the videotaping guy was actually the guy.]"
Laura: "Excuse me, Your Honor. Objection. To... something two questions ago? Like um, speculation."
Politi, Wonderfully: "Oh, okay. Overruled."
(I can't get across how amazing it was, but I watched him say this line no less than six times before continuing with the episode. He is absolutely my favorite judge ever.)
Alicia: "It's almost five! Can I give my summation?"
Politi: "Hit me, girlfriend."

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The Good Wife




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