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The Wheels Of Justice

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Whistle & I Will Hear

Alicia: "The evidence proves that Mr. Colin Sweeney did not shoot the gun, Your Honor. He's innocent."
Politi: "This is so much better than how we usually do things!"


Kurt: "Hey, Diane."
Diane: "Dropping off your invoice?"
Kurt: "Uh, the hell? Should I leave and come back in?"
Diane: "You know that I am still crazy, sorry."
Kurt: "Well, good luck with your murderer and everything. I think we should wait and think about marriage."
Diane: "I don't know about that, sir. I worry we'll always be waiting."
Kurt: "Maybe that's fine. I'll talk to you like this time next season..."
Diane: "Wait. I don't want to wait. Please. I don't want to wait. I don't."
Kurt: "Hmm."

Will it be "Yes"? Or will it be: "Sorry!"


I'd build that canoe any day of the week.

Politi: "Laura, not that you didn't do a bang-up job fucking this one in the keester from go, but I'm afraid you didn't make your case. But Mr. Sweeney, can we talk about how you are a piece of shit and I hope you die choking on Mike Kresteva's alcohol-free blood?"
Propriety: Aghast.
Politi: "Yeah, I'll probably get censured. I don't care. You are the worst, and just having you in my courtroom has made me want to take a flamethrower to the whole place. Throw down some salt so no jurisprudence can ever grow here again. You are filthy, sir, on the inside. And your fiancée has something dreadful rotting inside of her that was once a healthy young spirit with a mother and a father and dreams of making a positive change in the world. But since I am not a rogue demon hunter, the worst I can do to you is say $1500 fine for disorderly and 30 days inside."
Isobel: "Whatever. Here are my panties to chomp on while you're in there."
Politi: "Ugh, you fucking people."

Alicia: "So I guess no prenup?"
Colin Sweeney: "I love her too much! Or whatever concept people like us think is that word."
Alicia: "You know she's planning on stealing all your money?"
The Irrepressible Colin Sweeney: "Yep, it's fine. I'll just kill her."
Alicia & Will: "I should not be loving that. And yet."


Alicia: "Will, are you busy? I'm not, I just miss you and I'm drinking wine like I do."

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The Good Wife




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