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Whistle & I Will Hear

Diane: "Everything always has to do with Peter Florrick. Now, I want you to vet me and tell me anything that an Eli Gold kind of person would consider smearing me on."
Kalinda: "This is going to make our relationship weird, okay?"
Diane: "Don't sleep with my husband I don't have, and we'll be fine."
Kalinda: "Okay. But remember me congratulating you about this, in about five minutes when you're gonna want to punch my pretty face over and over."

Kalinda: "Robyn Burdine, can you be super adorable for the rest of the episode?"
Robyn Burdine: "Robyn Burdine!"


Colin Sweeney: "You know how I'm always innocent of everything? Except for everything?"
Alicia: "I have not missed you. PS, I am scary now."
Colin Sweeney: "I don't believe it! Your niceness turns me on, because I am the worst."
Alicia: "Shut up and exposit with me. You threw a birthday orgy that got out of hand and ended up costing the Hirschorn Club $80,000 in damage."
Colin Sweeney: "I bet you think I'm not innocent! That's so sexy!"
Alicia: "Actually, I think you're innocent and the prosecution is overreacting for some reasons we will find out later."
Colin Sweeney: "Wait... Yep, I still have a boner!"
Alicia: "Barf."

Isobel: "Hello, Alicia. It's me, his totally gross fiancée."
Alicia: "Double barf."
Colin Sweeney: "Funny how last time, you were accusing me of rape or something and maybe squirreling away my semen in your cheeks*, because we are absolutely the most godawful people that have ever existed."
Isobel: "And now we're getting married! Further to your point!"

*(Honestly, I'm too skeeved out to double check, but it was something like that. I just thought, well, what's the worst thing that could have happened? And it sounded right.)

Colin Sweeney: "My, how the wheel turns. Mutability is our tragedy, but it's also our hope."
Isobel: "Bloviation and grandstanding make me so horny!"
Alicia: "You guys are so awful. ASA Laura Hellinger, these are some bastards."
Colin Sweeney: "First-name basis, I love it. Do you guys ever take showers together?"
Alicia: "No, but she is a human being, so that's a point in her favor."
Gross: "We're so sexual about all kinds of things!"

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The Good Wife




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