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Alicia: "On the one week Kalinda's not around to fix everything, even. This is a thrill."
Cary: "So thrilling I forgot to be butthurt for a second."


Laura: "Oh now you want a speedy trial?"
Alicia: "No, always. We're just forcing it now. Because of some reasons."
Laura: "Well, I'm not prepared either."
Politi: "Well, I'm already sick of both your gorgeous faces, so too bad. Let's have a speedy, shoddy trial and get this shit over with."


Will: "We were working toward going to court in four months, not two and a half hours, so I need all of the lawyers to do more law. Diane, can you get Kurt McVeigh on this?"
Diane: "Last time I saw him he was diddling his protégée and I said Never again but I knew I was fooling myself because we have a love destiny."
Will: "Cary and Robyn, can you pump Greg Steck for more infos?"
Colin Sweeney: "...!"
Cary: "-- Don't say it. And yes."
Colin Sweeney: "But also I want a real partner on this, not Alicia."
Alicia: "I would say that hurts my feelings, except that would be going two steps over the line, so fine."


Will: "Except I am making out with Laura Hellinger."
Diane: "Hot. That girl is red hot. Good on you."
Will: "But won't that make it weird? Because of Laura, I mean. Not anybody else on this team like the second chair I am totally in love with."
Diane: "No, just get the Demon Barber to sign off. I don't care about feelings. Only money. And power. And acres of offices filled with gold furniture and a serf underclass that lives there."


Colin Sweeney: "What have you to confess, my son?"
Will: "Ugh. I just wanted you to know I'm dating Laura Hellinger."
Colin Sweeney: "Is this a... ssssssexual relationship?"
Will: "Yeah? No? Yes? Not yet? Gross. You're so gross."
Colin Sweeney: "You can be my lawyer on this case but only if you tell me gross fantasies about your dates with Miss Hellinger while a six-foot prostitute steps on my nuts."
Will: "Mr. Sweeney, it is your prerogative to insist on another lawyer..."
Colin Sweeney: "My nuts, I said."


Cary: "Let's call Greg Steck back. Maybe even for a real job."

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The Good Wife




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