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Can Everybody See That I'm On Fire?

Eli: "Mandy, tell Kalinda all of the questions you're going to ask Peter and Alicia, when I finally get you those one-on-one interviews I will never, ever give you."
Mandy: "But wait, who is Kalinda? And why am I instantly falling in love with her?"

Mandy opens her mouth and Eli and Kalinda reach in there and pull out the truth in three seconds flat: Peter Florrick slept with one of his campaign workers on September 30 of last year, at the St. Martin. There were secret knocks and skullduggery, which is where the story starts to seem a little wrong and faked, because Peter is not that kind of dude. Why would he have a secret knock? If anybody questioned why he was randomly booty-calling a campaign worker at their hotel -- which they wouldn't, because duh -- he would just give them that Sam the Eagle look and they would go away again.

Mandy: "I hope you enjoyed me telling you everything you wanted to know without even really being prompted. Suckas!"
Eli: "Yeah, you're a real power player. Later, Mandy."
Mandy: "Not before I tell you the girl's name and home mailing address and also her social security number!"

She takes off her bracelet and earrings, drops them in her purse, puts the purse in Kalinda's arms with a whisper -- "There is fifty dollars in the little zipper pocket!" -- and runs off into the night like a crazed bomber. "That sure showed them. I am the best journalist!"


Peter lets himself into Alicia's apartment, and she tells him to get the fuck on out of there. It is discussed at length about whether or not he is a liar -- which he is -- or a cheater -- which he totally is -- and if the truth or falsity of this particular situation, among the hundreds of times this situation has happened in the past, makes a damned difference.

Alicia: "It doesn't, Peter. It doesn't make a damned bit of difference! Because now I am all kinds of yucked out by you again!"


Will: "Chancellor Carlyle, do you know what this is?"
Carlyle: "Mr. Gardner, I am the Chancellor of a Polytechnic Institute. I have seen a book before."
Will: "Do you know who wrote it?"
Carlyle: "A Chancellor by the name of Carlyle."
Will: "And where did you write it?"
Carlyle: "On a computer owned by the school, in my office which is owned by the school, using the library of the school..."

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The Good Wife




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