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Can Everybody See That I'm On Fire?

Peter: "Eli, I'm going to give you such a pinch if you d... Oh, hey Kalinda. I... Sometimes we roughhouse. I mean, no we don't. Have we met? I mean of course we've met. I mean, why are you here?"
Kalinda: "I'm not!"

She vanishes in a puff of smoke! She's like a cat in the night and then she is the catness.

Peter: "How the fuck you gonna get Kalinda Sharma involved in my encounters?"


Rita Wilson: "The algorithm is a secret sauce and a trade secret and a riddle wrapped in an enigma and lightly fried with peanut oil. Say more metaphors."
Neil Gross: "The algorithm is our crown jewels, also. So I will say to your subpoena, Eff you, subpoena. I'm quashing you between my fingertips, from very far away."
L/G: "That is not how it works."
Neil Gross: "It is the First Amendment!"
L/G: "Oh, for Chrissake you're gonna pull the First Amendment shit. What is this, the internet? Give me a break. What a fuckin' maroon."

"Our search engine results are protected by free speech. To compel their release is the same as compelling a newspaper to reveal its sources!"

That is the stupidest thing I ever heard, not to mention an idiotic way to say it because it means just about nothing, just about zero things are signified by that claptrap. Shut up, Rita Wilson. Get a real idea.


Lana: "Kalinda! Let's drink some wine and have homosexuality. This creepy little man hiding behind me is acting super weird and clingy and spooky. Is that 'negging'? Are you 'negging' me, little mean man?"
Nick: "Kalinda, what a pretty name. You must have made it up for yourself after leaving your husband in jail and faking your own death and running off with all his money and sleeping with the State's Attorney of Illinois to get your name changed and then had to chase a man all over the place with a baseball bat all the time."
Kalinda: "I just got a pretend phone call and I really have to take it."

Nick follows her to the back of the bar and calls her a dyke so she punches him out. Or maybe she was just going to punch him out anyway. Or maybe he knew she was going to punch him out and that's why he went over there. Whatever the case, their encounter ends thus: With a tiny scary lady punching out a tiny scary man for hate speech and also for stalking her girlfriend and maybe even for his future-murdering of everybody.

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The Good Wife




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