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Can Everybody See That I'm On Fire?


UberTech: "I am kind of accurate, like the dorky stereotypes on this show usually are. Please, get on your internet and talk about how unrealistically crappy and gross I am, even though it isn't that unrealistic."
L/G: "So yeah, you're the worst."
UberTech: "I really am!"
L/G: "And you said that Margarita Motions was plagiarized and also it stinks?"
UberTech: "I said that stuff!"
L/G: "Is any of it true?"
UberTech: "It is my opinion!"
L/G: "They're statements that you present as fact, but really just made up in your head?"
UberTech: "It is my opinion!"

Yeah, don't go up against a person who thinks that is a necessary thing to say, or matters at all. They are not worth it.

Will: "Okay but like how do you know it was plagiarized?"
UberTech: "How do I know the software was? Because it was! Because it's not very good!"
Will: "Do you know what that word even means?"
UberTech: "I don't have to! Because it is my opinion!"
Will: "Do you know what any words mean?"

Rita Wilson: "This guy is the worst! I am bored. Why are we even on this guy."
Alicia: "Because free speech protections, you said. ChumHum is like a newspaper, you said. And this grody idiot here said a mean thing that wasn't true, and now that's on you. Also, the internet is kind of a cesspool, so most of the things in your 'newspaper' which is also known as the entire internet are going to be pretty shitty and stupid, like this guy..."
Rita Wilson: "I do not want to have this cake! I also do not want to eat it too!"
Judge Marx: "Serves you right for that free speech bullshit in the first place."


Rita Wilson: "Nathan Lane, I offer you one million dollars."
Trustee: "I am not a lawyer, or related to this case in any way, or somebody you should be talking to about this case, or about anything. If Diane Lockhart sees you in here she's going to whale on me, Rita Wilson."
Rita Wilson: "One million dollars. To save this firm, which is your entire job. But you have to take it and dismiss the case without talking to anybody else first, right now."
Trustee: "You are being kind of a shit today, Rita Wilson."
Rita Wilson: "I am just naturally like this!"

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