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Can Everybody See That I'm On Fire?

Eli: "Do you understand that you're writing an article about her husband and not her?"
Mandy: "There is more to things that are going on. You'll see in a bit."

They wrap up the meeting, and he makes it almost all the way out the door -- Can everybody see that I'm on fire? -- and then runs back up to confront Mandy alone. People on this show are always realizing things after the scene has ended, but this episode is replete with people constantly doing it.

Eli: "Hey Mandy, are you fucking me?"
Mandy: "Kind of I am. Listen, I want face time with Alicia Florrick."
Eli: "But first tell me how you are fucking me. Like exactly how."
Mandy: "How about there was an affair, and I have proof."
Eli: "That is some solid fucking me right there, Mandy Post. I have to go downstairs and try to call Alicia while that song plays. It will go to voicemail, and I will shake a ficus. Just viciously shake it."

And so it goes.


Because Alicia is in court! With ChumHum, meaning my boyfriend Neil Gross! Excellent. The case is about how these two young ladies started a voice recognition software company, because they wanted to be more like Neil Gross, because he is wonderful. Except then, after they refused to buy ad space on ChumHum for their company with its stupid name, suddenly they got buried in the ChumHum results. From the #1 spot to the 28th page! I Google myself, you know, incessantly. That would send me screaming out a second story window like Helen Hunt if that happened to me.

Like you know how if you try to Google something and it goes, "Did you mean this other thing?" And usually you're like, "Don't condescend to me, you jerk" but sometimes you're like, "Actually I did. Thanks for anticipating my needs, internet." Well, in this case when you search for their stupid company, the algorithm goes instead, "Did you mean that those two girls are dummies and wear stinky clothes?" Which I doubt very highly is what you meant.

Rita Wilson: "But you know what, you do wear stinky clothes. Also, there is a way better voice recognition software company now, with an even stupider name which is Wicked Savage Designs. Also, a dork said your program was plagiarized, and also wears stinky clothes. So probably this is just a case of you sucking, and nothing to do with us."
Girls: "Why are you so mean? We are nice girls!"

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