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Can Everybody See That I'm On Fire?

Lana: "Sometimes I feel like I'm just warming you up for somebody else."
Kalinda: "My sexuality is a moving target, FBI Lady. Who knows. Not me, certainly. Probably not you. I'm a wild animal, FBI Lady. A loner. A rogue. I am the Cat who Walks by Herself and you cannot cage me."
Lana: "It's kind of boring, sometimes."
Kalinda: "Isn't it enough that I like you? I don't like many people. No wait, I don't really even like you that much. I have to go. Don't get murdered by my husband who is creepin' and just watched us be lesbians from his car and probably is going to murder you."
Lana: "Okay. I'm just going to wander out onto the balcony wrapped in a bedsheet, like people sometimes do in real life."
Nick: "That confirms it. My wife has a girlfriend. Everybody is going to get murdered."


So before L/G can even deliver the death blow about how Neil Gross bought their competitor, Rita Wilson pulls her most bullshittiest move yet: She brings in the Chancellor of Chicago Polytechnic, which is where Neil went to college and also the Girls. And in the student handbook -- which Rita Wilson brandishes in a decidedly delightful way -- it says the college owns the right to all works, inventions, developments, and discoveries created by employees or students. The Girls are aghast!

But also this was ripped from the headlines, the show would like you to know, and Google had to negotiate with Stanford about this thing. And a million and a half years ago during the Jurassic period, the University of Illinois sued one of the cofounders of Netscape for trademark infringement. If you don't know what "Netscape" or "trademarks" are, just know that they used to be a thing but not anymore.

Also, Rita Wilson asks that the subpoena be quashed, which is the most wonderful phrase you can ever say in a courtroom. I bet she didn't even need to quash the subpoena, she just wanted to say it. Quash Quash Quash. Subpoena Subpoena Subpoena. Ah, delightful.


Eli: "Kalin..."
Kalinda: "No! I have to do lots of work!"
Eli: "It's not for Peter, it's for Alicia. He's being accused of sleeping with a campaign worker, and he didn't."
Kalinda: "How is that for Alicia? And how the fuck you gonna ask me to get involved in Peter's encounters?"
Eli: "I don't know about that yet. I just barely found out about Alicia and Will's encounters. Now just come with me and look at Miriam Shor and listen to her talk. The coolest job a person could ever have."

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