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Bleeding For Monsters

Everybody: "We get it. So sometimes she'd disappear out of town..."
Dex: "No, in town. A pied-à-terre in Logan Square."


Cary: "Oh hey, Hayden. How long have you been standing there gazing adoringly at me? And how long are you willing to keep doing it?"
Hayden: "Do you need any more help on the Bishop case?"
Cary: "No, once I went to jail we figured out it's about a missing CI, so there's not really a forensic accounting part to it at this point. CPA Batman and CPA Robin should probably just turn in their utility belts for now."
Hayden: "Maybe I should just perch here on the arm of your chair forever, just in case."
(You can actually see the part where Cary decides to push this past the point of no return.)
Cary: "I would love that -- gotta say you really turned me on when you were all, Where's the income surplus? -- but..."
Hayden: "Yeah. That part was pretty bad-ass."
Cary: "You know what, though? I bet they could use your sexy skills over in Family Law. That stuff's always a financial nightmare."
Hayden: "That is not why I'm here, Mr. Agos. With my heart in my hands."
Cary: "You're here to help us get out of debt, right? And that would be helping. And it would make me so very, very happy..."
Cary: "Whew. Being Kalinda is both as addictive and as complicated as I always figured it was."


Maddie Hayward: "Hey Eli, guess who I brought to the straw poll?"
Eli: "Fucking Indira Starr?"
Indira Starr: "Hi, mister! I like to feed clovers to ponies! And also do weird sex stuff!"
Eli: "Uh, not only is she political napalm, but she is an actual crazy person."
Maddie Hayward: "Then there's nothing to be worried about, huh?"


Alicia: "Be careful at Christina's secret apartment, okay?"
Kalinda: "I cannot believe you just said that to me. I feel like Christmas."

Nobody's there, but she does hear a motorcycle speeding away, which causes her to run outside, where there is nobody, but then a further intuition leads her to a car in the parking lot that looks like a person was about to head off to work, about 72 hours ago, when they were rudely abducted. And how come the trunk smells like there's a receptionist in there who has been dead about that long?

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The Good Wife




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