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Bleeding For Monsters


Kalinda: "So I guess the biker boyfriend killed her, probably. How ironic! It's almost funny, except for how my biker boyfriend is also going to kill everybody."
Diane: "Okay, guys. So do we call the cops and tell them about the dead body, or do we just let her rot until the end of the episode? Because she could have told the Feds something important, which makes us look bad for her murder..."

Lemond, silently: "Oh, shit. I am like the grossest person."
Alicia, silently: "Yeah, kind of. Sorry about all this."

Diane: "I'm less worried about the fact that we're desecrating the corpse of a murdered woman while we sit around here debating it, and more about how bad we'll look if they find out we all sat around here debating it."

Lemond, silently: "Alicia, I can't do this. We have to..."
Alicia, silently: "Agreed. Let's get to it."
Lemond: "My sister hates me. But she loves Dylan."
Alicia: "I'll draw up the guardianship papers..."
Everybody Else: "Wait, what's going on?"

Lemond: "Alicia and I have discussed it psychically while you guys were being disgusting, and we've decided that you should call the cops about this poor woman's body even though I'll probably get arrested immediately."
Alicia: "Nobody else gets how awesome you're being right now, but I sure do."
Lemond: "That is why you are the best character on television."


Lana: "Too bad about your boy, huh?"
Kalinda: "Whoa. My 'boy'?"
Lana: "Oh, shit. No, I didn't mean it that way. Ugh, how horrible. Listen, we got a tip and found Christina's body. We found evidence linking him to the murder, and have an arrest warrant, though we'd prefer he turned himself in... Why aren't you talking? Why are you being so frigid and scary right now? You know this is just work, like always. We're cute, we play games, but there's still..."
Kalinda: "No us. There was never an us. I am Harry & The Hendersonsing you. Both because Nick is going to kill me, and because you are surveilling me. I can't be having that. Frankly, it's more the latter. The former was kind of hot."


Eli: "96 percent! You broke a record! Everybody's dropping out... We're this close to being governor. Good job, buddy!"

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