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Bleeding For Monsters

Will: "Hey, Kalinda. Would you mind carrying the narrative football into a fourth scene? That music can only get a certain amount of intense before we're into 'addendum' territory and everybody has a heart attack before the credits."

Cary: "Kalinda, there's a tiny hot man in here talking about tow trucks. If you can't tell by my sexy weekend garb, I am not in the mood to work. I could very well be on mushrooms right now, you don't know."
Kalinda: "Hey Cary? There's a thing I think you should know about the tiny hot man."
Cary: "What is it? Are you married to him or something?"
Kalinda: "You know what, never mind. It's too weird. Plus, you don't have the benefit of being in the FBI -- or Peter's wife -- so if he knows about our weird vibe he might kill you. Seems like every day I'm confronted with yet another relationship I took for granted, as I was putting down roots without admitting I was doing so."


Cary: "Kalinda Sharma, this is Nick Savarese and this is Gavin Wells, the token black guy we foisted on him to get that RFP for the City."
Kalinda: "Mr... Sheboygan, is it? Mr. Sineadoconnor?"
Nick: "Just call me Nick, you little minx. Now, as far as this tow truck thing, I've decided to balk at giving this guy 50 percent of the contract just for being black."
Kalinda: "My understanding is that you've been over it. I know he's incredibly sketchy, but then so are you. 50 percent of nothing is nothing, so maybe you should just do what you're told."
Nick: "So for the record, you yourself are advising me to move my business to Chicago and incorporate with this ne'er-do-well?"
Kalinda: "I'm saying do whatever the fuck you want, I won't care either way. Goodbye."

Kalinda: "Your concern is sweet, Alicia, but he's just being a dick. I'll check into the accountant's family and see what I can find out about Bishop's situation. Oh, and Alicia? I didn't tell Cary Nick was my husband. I'm new to being a person and I wasn't sure how to negotiate that. Okay?"
Nick: "Lesbian girlfriend again?"
Kalinda: "Kind of. I mean, no. I mean, we charge you every time you walk in here. Cary gets $400 an hour and I get $175. Wouldn't it be cheaper for you to be a dick on my voicemail for free?"
Nick: "Does your lesbian girlfriend know you're married?"
Kalinda: "This is SO BORING. This story could have been SO GOOD."

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