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Bleeding For Monsters

But this part, it's interesting. I didn't catch it the first several times I watched the scene, but it's actually pretty amazing:

Nick: "I don't mind you working, I'm open-minded that way. But I do mind you sleeping with other women, I mean, call me old-fashioned..."
Kalinda: "You are a fucking idiot. That wasn't even Lana, it was work."
Nick, verbatim: "Your voice on that phone was not work, 'Kalinda.'"

And she comes at him. Hard. And I didn't realize why all week, until today. It's because she knows damn well what her voice does when it's Alicia on the phone. And for him to suggest something prurient about that -- about the love, the pain of being apart from her for the last season-plus, the gratitude at the incredible kindness Alicia is just now beginning to show her -- it's vile. It's not just gross, or counter to the innocence and virtue of her courtly love of Alicia, but actually sickening. It's not just L/G's soul, she's saying, that Alicia carries with her.

Cary: "Hey, for a client and somebody you just met, that sure does look like a fistfight you guys are having."
Nick: "It's fine, it's fine. You know how British-accented Canadians with criminal pasts can be."
Cary: "Kalinda, are you sure? Because I would like nothing better than for a firefight to erupt so I can throw my body in front of yours again."
Kalinda: "The fact that you offered is more than enough."
Nick: "Cary, get the paperwork and your black man ready. Kalinda's just convinced me to move to Chicago full-time."


Will: "Jimmy V? This is Will Gardner calling to say that I am going to sue you for $3M if you print that story about the story they didn't print."
Jimmy V: "But technically it's true! There was a story that was never printed! I am a bottom feeder!"
Will: "Okay, well, it's also defamatory and he has deep pockets and a complicated relationship with literally every single person in our entire firm."
Jimmy V: "Fine, send me a C&D and I won't post it."
Will: "Post it, and your life is garbage for dogs to eat."
Jimmy V: "Cool, just send me that C&D in the next five minutes."

Will: "Eli, he's playing you. He's going to print it either way. The internet doesn't work like we think. I just figured that out."


Kalinda: "Actually, the Feds did have a search warrant for the accountant, and they took his files."

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