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Call Me Mr. Feet


Eli: "Peter, I need you to..."
Jackie: "It is not Peter! It is Jackie, his mother! Sitting in his chair! Eating your dreams!"
Eli: "Oh my God, is this still about... Didn't you say she was the Judge's favorite?"
Jackie: "Yeah. Because she was his favorite."
Eli: "Oh, shit. Okay. Uh..."
Jackie: "I can't have a woman who nearly destroyed our family rewarded with a seat in my son's Cabinet..."
Eli: "Okay. Shit. Um, if you had told me this at lunch maybe we could have worked something out, but now I can't do anything. We already reversed one appointment of a female Judge -- also for your family, by the way -- and there's just no way now to..."
Jackie: "You don't want me to go to my son about this."
Eli: "I don't. And you won't, so."

Her face falls; you could almost love her, for a second.

Jackie: "That's dirty, Eli."
Eli: "No, it's not. This is politics, and there's no political reason to dump a candidate that your son never needs to know about. It would be emotionally easier, but..."
Jackie: "Very fucking understanding, bro."
Eli: "Jackie, I am legit sorry. Stand still so I can apologize."
Jackie: "Nope. Whatever our understanding was, it's over now. Next time you come to my old-people aerobics class looking for favors, prepare for a letdown."
Eli: "I feel like somebody is going to die at the end of this."
Jackie: "Watch your ass, Mr. Gold."


Kluger: "So a new thread popped up. Well, that makes sense."
Alicia: "And meanwhile Scabbit's still being dicks about this."
Kluger: "Actually, they got lawyers and they'll be here soon. So tell me all about your new firm! Man, there is nothing scarier than hanging a shingle, is there? You have my compliments."

Scabbit enters, with Will and Damian. Alicia's jaw drops, although you know she will immediately connect it to the furniture stuff because obviously that was them, and now she knows they snuck a peek at her documents while they were there. But since she doesn't know Damian at all, the whole thing rests on Will, which gives the spiciness of their exchanges even more zing.

Kluger: "Will Gardner? Why does that sound so famil... Oh. Oh, shit! Oh, girl."

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The Good Wife




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