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Call Me Mr. Feet

Alicia: "Where did you get that motherfucking pin on your lapel?"
Damian: "Oh, this old thing? Why, do you like it?"
Alicia: "I liked it better when it was on my desk!"
Damian: "That's so crazy that we both have one. How can there be two #1 Moms?"
Alicia: "Will, you are a tool and a half. High school pranks, now?"
Will: "Why my dear I simply have no idea what you're implying."
Alicia: "Fuck everything. I want that fucking pin back and I am prepared to go apeshit."


Diane is shocked to find that -- in the wake of his Braveheart moment and subsequent acquisition of a ChumHum-leverage case -- David Lee and Howard Lyman have turned around on the concept of Damian Boyle. What she's too honorable to understand is that of course she is the only person on the board who would ever have a problem with the guy being slimy; the rest were just being obstructionist and have been mollified.

Frustrated, she sends for Kalinda, who is also kind of irritated that she didn't get to vet the guy before he got hired, because what the hell is she for, and also because she gets a yucky vibe off him. She said she would follow Will to the ends of the Earth, do anything no matter how upsetting or scary, but all of that was contingent on Will staying Will. If he's going into the darker parts of the forest, she can't necessarily follow, because that's not their deal. Same thing with Diane, actually. So for now, they agree, that means investigating the now-entrenched Damian Boyle. Hard.


The associates gather around a sad card table and feel bad for themselves.

Alicia: "Who the hell was that guy with my pin? I hate his ass!"
Cary: "That would be Damian Boyle, LG's new rainmaker. Real scary guy."
Alicia: "And so why would LG even go with Scabbit? They don't make money."
Cary: "ChumHum. We're shown to be the Man by going after freedoms."
Robyn: "Uh, nobody knows what happened with the furniture since creepy Damian Boyle broke all the security cameras, but uh... I'm just gonna order new furniture. Too weird to think about further right now."

Zayeed: "Hey guys, I just got fired. Locked out of my office, confronted by security... Meanwhile Scabbit is now saying that I went to a madrasa in Afghanistan and a terrorist training camp..."

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The Good Wife




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