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Call Me Mr. Feet
Jackie: "Uh, yeah. I am."
Rachel: "He already knows. We trust each other with everything."
Jackie: "Sweet. So I'll just go talk to him about it then. And PS? You meant nothing to the Judge."
Rachel: "Whatever, you old bitch."
Jackie: "This old bitch will see you in Hell."


Kalinda: "Thanks for sitting down with me. It's just for my files."
Damian: "You're the investigator? A lady investigator? Are you any good?"
Kalinda: "I'm Kalinda, fool."
Damian: "Lady investigators, I'm so sure."
Kalinda: "You say that like I'm capable of being rattled. But hey, the more you doubt me the less time you'll be demanding when you need to win any case whatsoever. Date of birth."
Damian: "7/13/71. 5/5/71. 11/3/72."
Kalinda: "I feel ya there. Do you have one primary one that you were mostly born with?"
Damian: "Not really."

Kalinda: "How long have you been here?"
Damian: "Fifteen years. You?"
Kalinda: "Ugh. And in private practice? And do you have any family?"
Damian: "Eight years. Five sisters in Dublin, Mom's in a home, dad left when I was eight so I hate authority like you. And I like the color purple, like you're wearing."
Kalinda: "Glad you noticed. It pisses God off when you don't. Now, have you been arrested? Round up to the nearest hundred."
Damian: "Um. No comment."
Kalinda: "Not a possibility. And not because I'm violating HR practices either. I'm not making this a condition of your employment, I'm telling you if you don't come clean I will investigate. Hard."
Damian: "You want them in order from last to first, or backwards? And before we get started, can I just point out that this makes me a great defense attorney because I've seen both sides of the..."
Kalinda: "Oh, honey. I don't care. I just want the facts."


LG: "It's not defamation if posters can't be classified as employees."
F/A: "Fine. Then we want the names of everybody who's saying this stuff, to determine that none of them are."
Will: "That's so Alicia Florrick. She wants to destroy the company by revealing..."
Alicia: "How rude! I am just being a lawyer!"
Kluger: "Whatever. It's a fair request. You're arguing that the users who defamed her client aren't employees, so you can prove that."

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The Good Wife




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