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Call Me Mr. Feet


F/A: "So for our next trick we'd like to call Dante Pryor to the stand. But we don't know where he is!"
Kluger: "Who is this and what is going on?"
F/A: "They gave us his name as one of the defamers, but now we can't find him. And guess what? The reason is that he is not a ghost, but a robot. A socialbot, combining the most salient and icky features of both ghosts and robots."
LG: "Relevance!"
Kluger: "Insofar as I have no idea what you're talking about, I can't agree or disagree."

ChubbySocks52 is a low-level program designed to appear human, and seize on conversations about certain topics so it can then refer traffic back to Scabbit. It's on every kind of social media, drumming up traffic, all the time. The interesting thing here, though, is that the quotes it's using from one conversation to market the thread are, of course, defamatory: "Zayeed Shaheed is a guilty Muslim terrorist who bombed the Milwaukee Festival" and the like, all signed by Chubbysocks52, all designed to bring in the kind of lunatics who would click on that.

And so, since ChubbySocks52 was born of Scabbit, to Scabbit must his accountability redound. Alicia shoots Will the prettiest smile, and the music says, "Whassup."


When Diane and Will arrive to discuss the settlement, they're greeted by an empty, echoing open-concept office, replacement furniture just settling in. They stare around, trying to be snotty about it, but neither of them quite manage.

Diane: "On the bright side, we weren't shot by the crack dealers on the corner..."
Will: "You have a faraway look, Ms. Lockhart."
Diane: "I just... The Spartan look, the shitty neighborhood..."
Will: "This isn't us. This was never us. They are not the new us."
Diane: "No, buddy. This was us. Us, starting out."
Will: "Do you miss it?"
Diane: "...Couldn't tell you."

What's to be said? You turn around and look at your choices and you are those choices. They will never be in this office, this headspace, again. But it doesn't mean they aren't the new Them. They are starting out too. They are LG, now. The other New Us.

Just the second they figure out what that means.


Kalinda: "Leaving early?"
Damian: "Yeah, it's the point in the day I wire my ill-gotten gains to the Caymans."

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