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Call Me Mr. Feet

Alicia: "Zayeed Shaheed, my professorial compatriot. How is it going?"
Zayeed: "Okay so I have this colleague who is trying to get a CIA job, and the FBI is here. They're asking intense questions, I'm already stressed out, and now the questions are getting weird. Like, personal to me. Can you come yell at them?"

Cary: "Is this actual client work? Do these people have money?"
Alicia: "Insofar as the US education industrial complex is a scam, yes. Robyn! Come witness me yelling at Feds."


Recruiter: "Lauralee Gregg, Tulane undergrad, Yale Law, ten years at McKinley, Barrett & Skiff..."
Will: "No, she's not good enough. She was second chair on her last case after ten years with that firm."
Recruiter: "David Benjamin Goldbaum. Georgetown undergrad, Stanford..."
Will: "Next."
Recruiter: "What now?"
Will: "We lost to him in court."
Diane: "We settled! For two million dollars!"
Will: "Yeah but he should have made us give him four."
Recruiter: "Is there anybody you would be okay with?"
Will: "Yeah!"
Recruiter: "-- Besides Alicia Florrick."
Will: "...Then no."

His eyes light up when he sees the lady's file on Damian Boyle, because he knows his own kind. Recruiter Beth doesn't even want to float the idea, but he insists. Verbatim he says, "Beth, we're not who we were. What was inappropriate two months ago is appropriate now." Evil Villain Mode still in effect, I see. Well, it's nice that he knows it. I feel like every time he confirms this verbally it's another chance for him to get over himself. One step closer to the moment he realizes he's gone too far and no longer blah-blah.

Beth: "Fine. Damian Boyle has been in private criminal practice for fifteen years, he's... Well, let's say his clients are not your clients."
Diane: "You mean like pro bono?"
Beth: "No, I mean like Mob bosses."
Will: "What does he look like?"
Beth: "He doesn't like being photographed, due to being super creepy. I only have a file on him because he's looking for a home. His clients are all in jail, so he needs money, and nobody will take him..."
Will: "Sounds perfect!"
Diane, verbatim: "Will, just because someone is wrong for us doesn't make him right."

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The Good Wife




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