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Call Me Mr. Feet
Kalinda: "Good one. Hey, one question? I noticed you didn't have any student loans."
Damian: "Me parents sold their movie theatre in our one-picture town."
Kalinda: "Your parents? As in your father that left when you were a boy?"
Damian: "...Me Ma!"
Kalinda: "Fine. Just please level with me: What the fuck."
Damian: "There is no fuck. I'm not playing a game, I'm not a games-playing type."
Kalinda: "Then just tell me! You're driving me crazy!"
Damian: "LOL. I know. So come at me, bro. Just come directly at me. I dare you."
Kalinda: "I haven't been so excited to beat someone with a baseball bat since Calamar. You, sir, are in for a treat."


Eli: "Rachel, that sucks but I guess I saw it coming. Thanks for your call."
Jackie: "Oh, who was that on the phone?"
Eli: "You know goddamn well who it was, you old sea hag."
Jackie: "I guess you can't be too careful, with your husband on the precipice of death. That poor thing."
Eli: "What did you fucking do to those people?"
Jackie: "Me? I'm just here to decorate Peter's office and plan parties."

You can almost see him still wanting to apologize, but now there's no way to do it without getting even more shit for it. Maybe there never was. It's almost sad. I mean, they never got to a good place, but fighting over the placement of objects and calling her a nosy old dame is one thing. Telling her to her face to suck it up and stop whining about her adulterous husband -- despite that being every conversation she's ever had with Alicia -- is several levels of magnitude further. She owes him now, and she doesn't forget.


LG: "So we can give you $830k for Shaheed. Final offer."
F/A: "Uh, like every other case you've ever settled, we both know there are three offers before the final offer."
LG: "Don't overestimate our generosity."
F/A: "Don't underestimate how good this feels. You lost, we won, we are now real. We can't let ourselves sell that short. Now, let's skip the half-hour of bullshit and cut to the $1.5M you've already gotten authorized."

Alicia gets a call, but it's not like she loves this part anyway. Not as much as Cary. She loves it, but she hates it too, which is always the key to Alicia: Never either/or, always both.

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The Good Wife




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