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Call Me Mr. Feet
Will: "I love how you just get me."


Alicia: "Robyn, you be sweet and dumb, and record the interview. Be like, why wouldn't you do that."
Robyn: "You got it, lady."

Zayeed: "Sorry about the wait, you guys! I just knew Alicia would kill me if I didn't call her down for this."
Alicia: "He's right. I am very cautious and by-the-book. Now, this is about Dr. Ezzedine Kalb and that's it?"
FBI: "Yeah. He..."
Robyn: "Can I record this?"
FBI: "Uh..."
Alicia: "She has to. It's just for her notes."
Robyn: "Hodor!"
Alicia: "I wouldn't fight her on this one. Her notes are really important to her."

FBI: "Fine. So you were in Milwaukee with Kalb two weeks ago?"
Zayeed: "Yeah, for a conference on educational differences in developing countries."
FBI: "Were you with him the whole time? How about the afternoon of October 15?"
Alicia: "Hold up. In Milwaukee? That explosion at the Milwaukee Food Festival?"
FBI: "I guess so, I don't really know. I'm not really a foodie."
Alicia: "Okay, we're done here. Zayeed, tell them to leave."

Twist! The FBI, instead of leaving, pulls out a warrant for all of his shit! This was never about Dr. Kalb, it was about putting Zayeed Shaheed at the bombing. Good thing he called Alicia! She sends Robyn out of the room with Zayeed, and to flex back at her the FBI guy sends an agent with them. The tumbling of his house begins. They regroup outside.

Zayeed: "This is racist!"
Alicia: "I'm sure it is, but were you there? And did you blow anything up?"
Zayeed: "I was napping in my hotel when it went off. Milwaukee is fucking exhausting."
Alicia: "Okay and is there anything weird on your computer? Like porn or money from foreign governments or books advocating jihad?"
Zayeed: "No! Wait, yes. The last one. But not scary jihad! Like personal, spiritual jihad."
Alicia: "I doubt highly the distinction is going to mean much to those dudes in there. I gotta quash this warrant. Robyn, get my quashin' boots."


Obviously we fear in others what we hate in ourselves, and by the same token we love in others what we perceive to be missing in ourselves. It's how Tattoo Isabel could be both "just fun" and also "the foreseeable future": She offered Will the possibility of invulnerability, to be emotionally Spartan and therefore inviolate, by virtue of nihilism. If you don't care about anything, nothing can hurt you. It's what he needed, to stop hurting.

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The Good Wife




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