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Cary: "And so it was a question of his provenance after all. Hey Robyn? Tell me what you think about Lockhart/Gardner."

Uh, you just got murdered because Alicia thought you were doing this to her. Do you really want Kalinda to find out you're jeepin'? Sometimes I don't even get you, Cary.


Alicia: "Jordan sweetie, what's your candidate's name?"
Jordan: "Albert Seamus Flannery Shaughnessy O'Dell, why?"
Alicia: "Do you know who Albert Steinman is?"
Jordan: "Who's that?"
Alicia: "Same dude, man. He changed it. He has no Irish heritage."
Jordan: "No, he has a Jewish last name. That doesn't mean he's not Irish..."
Alicia: "-- Kinda like Odell, huh?"
Jordan: "Oh snap."

Everybody makes for the door when she dismisses the thing, and it's gotta be like three by now.


Eli: "So how is old Jackie? I make it a point never to deal with her, you see."
Cristian: "She's good. She wants to go on a cruise. She watches TV commercials, but apparently not the news."
Eli: "And you'd be going along, of course..."
Cristian: "No thanks. I've had enough water in my life."
Eli: "Oh, because you swam here from Cuba?"
Cristian: "No, you idiot, because I was a lifeguard."
Eli: "I don't even know I'm doing it, I swear."

Eli passes him a check for twenty-five grand and tells him to get the fuck out of Dodge, courtesy of the candidate, mentioning various arrests and old debts, and after a little while, Cristian takes the check.


They're sitting at an intersection, outside the courthouse, while Abernathy takes another jaunt. Will and Alicia have stupidly cozied up in the back of a towncar, to nap. "Lumina" by Joan Osborne starts playing, which if you've never heard it, it's one of my favorite songs on earth. I put it in playlists to this day, I love it so much. Nobody is watching, nobody cares. The red light turns green, and then red again.

Eve took a train, Eve took a train / Went to see her man
Melting inside, melting away / Like butter in the pan

She watches him sleep, and he feels it. Eventually they settle back, looking up, through the roof, through the rain, all the way to the stars. The song is about innocence, about blameless sensuality in innocence; that without guilt and shame just touching another person is a beautiful experience that can't be quantified, and therefore shouldn't be.

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