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Passion's only blameless when it exists without shame; only when it's shameless is passion sanctified.


Abernathy prods Transcription Judy awake, laughing, and Patti calls one last witness.

Abernathy: "Oh, not poor Nana Joe again! You're gonna kill that lady."
Patti: "No, it's Jordan Karahalios."
Alicia: "This motherfucker again?"

Patti: "So yeah, you got fired from Florrick Guber. You were there for..."
Jordan: "Three wonderful months. Left in March. But before that, on February 18, Eli called a close-door meeting on sweetening the pot."
Patti: "Dropping off a box of bonus votes."
Alicia: "Your Honor, do I object because he got fired, or because he is currently working for the third party?"
Abernathy: "Neither. I am a weird old hippie and I like Albert O'Dell because he's the third-party candidate and pointless vote-splitters are an important part of pretending the two-party system isn't a huge royal fuck-you to us all."

Jordan: "I objected strenuously, of course, because I am awesome. But I was overruled."
Abernathy: "It's like five, you guys. And while I agree on the sanctity of the voting booth..."
Alicia: "Oh, shit."
Abernathy: "That sanctity is not absolute. It needs our constant vigilance. It needs our confidence that the votes are in fact true. So those votes are out."

The right decision. The Alicia decision. A decision she would no longer make, even though it's easy and it's clean.

Will: "I'll start the appeal..."
Alicia: "I'll go tell Peter..."
Diane: "Sad to think you can lose an election in court these days."

Even sadder when you know it's right, though, huh?


Alicia wakes, confused, to Eli watching torture porn on the hotel TV. She grins sleepily, and asks what time it is. T-minus fifteen minutes. A whole half-hour of sleep.

Eli: "You know why I love horror movies?"
Alicia: "It is too early for pedagogical metaphors, Eli."
Eli: "Oh, I know. I was just going to say it's because they're awesome."

She giggles and wakes up slowly, watching with him idly.

Alicia: "So we're going to lose, huh?"
Eli: "Peter's basically prepared."
Alicia, reaching out: "You ran a good campaign, Eli."

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