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He's sad, but happy for the comfort. They are sweet together, in the Hostel-punctuated morning silence.

Eli: "He's going to need you."

She knows. He catches her eye as she's standing: "He loves you."

She barely hears him; she's just given herself an idea. She whispers to Zach -- so tenderly, and he's so sweet when he wakes -- and takes him back to the courthouse.


Patti: "Well, this is bullshit. We're going on twelve hours with this."
Abernathy: "I think we can handle it."
Alicia: "You've worked in the Florrick campaign's IT for...?"
Zach: "Seven months. Which goes back to before Jordan started. So I was certainly there when this story about 18 Feb would have happened."
Alicia: "But you know his testimony to be false?"
Zach: "Yeah. Eli wasn't in charge then, Jordan had replaced him. So he couldn't have overruled him on the ballot-box stuffing idea, and therefore that whole deal was a lie."

It's not a lie if you say it right. Of course the real truth is that Eli was "replaced" at the behest of the DNC, but never stopped consulting -- except for that brief moment Hamish Linklater and then Wendy Scott-Carr came after him -- and it's exactly the kind of thing he'd suggest, and exactly the kind of thing Jordan would strenuously protest. But the paper trail works, and the votes will be counted. Zach just won the election.


Robyn Burdine: "Hey! Watcha doin'?"
Kalinda: "Watching a video on my laptop, obviously."
Robyn Burdine: "Can I ask you a hypothetical question?"
Kalinda: "No. Fuck off and go get some healthcare or something."
Robyn Burdine: "What if somebody tried to poach me from L/G? What do you think I should hypothetically do?"
Kalinda: "Are you fucking kidding me with this? How much are they offering you?"
Robyn Burdine: "Hypothetically? Twenty percent."
Kalinda: "Yeah, do it. Have a ball. Because you and Cary Agos can both go fuck yourselves."


Will's asleep on his couch when she comes in, more quiet and still and intense than we've seen her in a while. Eventually she smacks his whiny ass awake: It's a video from a nearby security cam, clearly showing Moody administrating the drop-off outside Zach's polling place. Will thinks fast.

Peter: "So, court went well last night?"

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