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Abernathy: "I am officially too exhausted to even be quirky. Votes are counted."

Everybody cheers, with whatever life is left in them, and they all run off -- Patti, head hanging in defeat. And when Alicia thanks him and says, "It's a good thing!" Only Will could say -- and more importantly mean -- that she's right. He was already in the darkness, it's where he lives: This one, he's taking for the team. So that St. Alicia can keep breath in her body just a little bit longer. So she doesn't have to know which way she'd fall.


Eli: "You won by over a half-million votes! Silly pollsters."
Peter: "That is more than thirty thousand, so that part feels good, but Christ knows how many other schemes and scams and flimflams you and Jim Moody cooked up."

I don't know, though, how you could possibly have that many schemes and scams and flimflams. How many dropboxes and tipped-over septic trucks is that? At 30 a pop, that's... 167 separate schemes and scams and flimflams, which is kind of a lot even for Jim Moody. So really, Peter could have done the right thing and still won, which is the worst kind of irony (but this show's favorite kind). Luckily, the only person bearing that burden is the same one whose taint of lawlessness and corruption has been hanging over the firm, and everybody's lives, for the better part of two seasons. So, it all worked out.

Peter: "Where's Alicia? I gotta hug and kiss her!"
Mayor Bloomberg: "Will I do? I wanted to be on this show for some reason."
Eli: "Oh yeah? Do your granddaughters watch the show or something?"
Mayor Bloomberg: "Yeah, what could a teenager love more than a CBS show about a middle-aged married lawyer parsing ethical struggles. Even a crazy-hot one."
Patty Harris: "I'm here too. Where is Czuchry."

Peter: "[Sports reference.]"
Mayor Bloomberg: "[Appropriate response.]"

Jackie: "Peter! I just wanted to descend like a hallucinating angel of death and remind you that you owe me everything in this life."
Peter: "Sorry about Cristi..."
Cristian: "Congratulations, Mr. Florrick!"
Peter: "Sidebar?"

Peter: "The fuck are you doing here? Didn't you cash that check yesterday?"
Cristian: "I sure did."
Peter: "Well? Is this a language barrier thing? Because I'm pretty sure Eli would have explained the transaction..."

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The Good Wife




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