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Cary: "Hey Kalinda, about your rock-solid no-negotiations ask..."
Kalinda: "-- Fuck you. Later."
Cary: "You have the chance to get in on the ground floor of something..."

Will: "Hello, all!"
All: "Hello!"
Will: "Carry on with whatever thing I don't notice is going on despite Kalinda basically using brightly colored flags to alert me what's going on."

Cary: "Anyway..."
Kalinda: "Don't sell me, Agos. Ten percent over my current salary within the year, and I get a five-percent profit share for the first three years. That's me on the ground floor. And I do mean five percent, as in, before overhead. Clean."

Things are easy when they're clean. Kalinda keeps it easy.

Cary: "You're killin' me, Sharma."
Kalinda: "It is kind of my thing. Don't pretend this is about anything other than me doing what I always do, which is makin' bank and covering my own ass. You don't know a thing about survival."


Will: "Patti, like what are you even doing on this episode?"
Patti: "Surprise, Big Pharma prefers Kresteva. I don't know if you know this, but the GOP is just a stock car with various corporate stickers on it and no driver."
Will: "How many babies do you even have?"
Patti: "I have no idea. I can't count that high, can you?"

Nana Joe: "I'm Estelle Parsons."
Everybody: "I loved you in The Last Pic..."
Nana Joe: "Nope, that was Cloris. You remember me from Bonnie & Clyde, where I was like the Yeardley Smith from Billie Jean."
Everybody: "You're adorable. I love your beret!"
Nana Joe: "I took it off because I am in court, but I can..."
Everybody: "Put it on! Put it on! Oh my God, you are adorable!"

Nana Joe: "Well, Buckley's lying if he says he ripped that seal. The guys brought it in and the big demonstration of civil rights started about a hot minute later. He never left his office until he came out looking to cuff a younger, weaker person and got the surprise of his life."
Patti: "Now, you batty old bitch... Can I call you a batty old bitch?"
Nana Joe: "Call me Nana Joe! Or Dwight D. Eisenhower."
Patti: "Okay, you batty old bitch. I'm going to walk to the back of the court and..."
Diane: "Oh my God, this stunt was old back in like Perry Mason days."

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The Good Wife




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