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Alicia: "Hmmm, no. We're doing the fake feminist defense and you're going to be the one that does it."
Hicks: "Fine. I didn't really think any of this was going to work anyway. I just figured you were a better way to contain the civilian fuck-uppery than trying to bring in yet more civilian idiot newbies. Plus, you make me look good by comparison so Kuhn will still respect me."
L/G: "But the brilliance of the adversarial system of justice is that it works just this way. We do our best, they do theirs, justice is served."
Hicks: "Right, but she killed a bunch of people. Justice will be served, no matter what a great job you do, so keep it clean and don't succumb to mission creep."
Alicia: "Nope. My Alicia powers don't work unless I totally believe in my defense. The only thing I can compartmentalize is my affair; everything else goes into the Alicia hopper that shoots out feelings and compassion in every direction, dazzling everybody. It's what keeps me from being Wendy Scott-Carr."

Alicia accidentally opens up the webcam on her computer and finds the footage of Jackie being amazing slash a bitch last week, so she excuses herself. She's huffy about it, and funny about it, but there's something very much like relief in it too. She can't go to war with Jackie without putting the kids in harm's way, and Jackie only makes their fight about the kids. This is the first time she's attacked Alicia directly, without even plausible deniability, and it's practically not even about Peter -- or in the worst possible case, that is what it's about, but it doesn't really matter because this is a long time coming.

Which means two things: Number one, Alicia goes into defense mode because this just got personal, and number two, the bitch is finally going down.


Dana: "It's not gonna work. Seducing me, I mean."
Kalinda: "Pssht. I don't even wanna seduce you. Too easy!"
Dana: "Uh oh, you are totally seducing me. But I'm not sure I understand how lesbian sex works. Would you describe it to me in detail, out of a purely scientific interest?"
(Actually she calls it "baseball without the bat," which must be so annoying to lesbians to even have to answer questions like this, but also made me think of Blake again.)
Kalinda: "[Describes lesbian sex in a way that makes it sound like the greatest thing ever invented.]"

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