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I Am Not The Cheese

Zach: "-- Oh! She totally went through your computer! I have seen through your cunning smokescreen of demonstrating wordlessly exactly what is going on."
Alicia: "I... Look, things are good with your Dad right now. We're friendlies. I'm not starting shit yet. Beware of mission creep. But I will tell you that I fear she may be acting on her own, in her obsessive Peter's-Mommy way, to get sole custody."
Zach & Grace: "We're growing up, that's unnecessary."
Alicia: "Everything your grandmother does is unnecessary. This is merely one thing."
Zach & Grace: "We're not six!"
Alicia: "She wishes you were. I'm pretty sure she still thinks your dad is."

Zach & Grace: "Hey, if a person were to get on your computer and start creeping around, would they find anything worthwhile for a divorce suit?"
Alicia: "No, just pictures of cats and whatever. I don't even know how to use the thing, dude. Well, maybe... No. No."

Grace, outside: "We have to watch Grandma."
Zach: "I know."
Grace: "She's such a bitch!"

Not only is Grace cool right now, she also looks great. Super cute! Well done, Gracie Florrick. Provisionally, you can stay. I just hope you don't get abducted and brutally murdered in the next episode. That would really kinda make Jackie's case for her -- which would, in turn, be so totally Grace to do that. Just fuck everything up for everybody by getting murdered.


Corn Hotline: "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order..."
Eli, losing it wonderfully: "It's her. It's her voice!"

Diane: "Welcome to Bread, Eli. Bread, you guys are our new buddies. MyPlate screwed you, because in the Pyramid it was all about Bread. Now it's just Grains. So let's unite and take down Vegetables together."
Bread: "But what can we do? We are only Bread."

Eli: "Let's go after Corn. Of all the American lies, Corn is the worst. It is the underpinning of our economy in some ways, but only in the same way as oil or subprime repackaged derivatives. Corn is Too Big To Fail. It supports the Freankensteinian corruption that is Chicken, it has a deathgrip on Congress, it's got $3.5B a year in subsidies. It is the Wall Street fatcat of food. So we take the lie that Corn is a Vegetable, and turn it into the half-truth that it is a Grain. Then you, as other Grain, will own Congress."

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The Good Wife




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